sweet saturday

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A little breakfast in Larchmont Village (red and blue velvet pancakes + omelet sliders) and a little Christmas card addressing + sending. If you’re on our list, you’re gonna love our funny little card! Happy Saturday everyone!

P.S. Isn’t that pic cute? I took it using Instagram on Julian’s iPhone, since the app isn’t available on Android yet. Boo!!

What Saturday Mornings Are All About

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Saturdays might be my favorite day of the week. Fridays are nice, too, with the impeding weekend ahead of you and all, but there is nothing better than a Saturday morning with no plans. No plans that is, except but to get a dozen donuts from SK’s, brew a huge pot of coffee, and watch movies on the couch.

I had my in-house photographer take these photos today so I could share the beauty of this day with you all:


These teacups are special to me. I found them in a thrift store in Middleburg, VA two Christmases ago. The pattern really called out to me and I couldn’t figure out why – my Mom later told me that is the same pattern she had when I was a youngster. Makes sense now. I’d love to know the name of it so I can get more of it! I made Julian drink at least one cup of coffee out of it before he could graduate to his big boy mug that holds more caffeine.



If there is one thing we have plenty of in LA, it is donut shops. But perhaps none are as delicious as SK’s on 3rd and Formosa. Except maybe Randy’s, but that’s a given… SK’s on Saturdays has become somewhat of a ritual for Julian and I. My favorite are the chocolate glazed, he prefers regular glazed. Please note the ratio of chocolate glazed:regular glazed in the box. Mhmm.


While grocery shopping last night, I got distracted by the Valentine’s Day candy. I’m talking like, 15 minutes of mulling around the holiday aisle distracted. I was disappointed to only find the crap brand of candy hearts (no white hearts? Seriously?), but we still bought bags of Sweet-Tart hearts and cinnamon imperials… the best thing about this holiday is the CANDY! For sure. Saint Valentine wasn’t so bad either, I guess!


    “The first representation of Saint Valentine appeared in the Nuremberg Chronicle, (1493); alongside the woodcut portrait of Valentine the text states that he was a Roman priest martyred during the reign of Claudius II, known as Claudius Gothicus. He was arrested and imprisoned upon being caught marrying Christian couples and otherwise aiding Christians who were at the time being persecuted by Claudius in Rome. Helping Christians at this time was considered a crime. Claudius took a liking to this prisoner — until Valentinus tried to convert the Emperor — whereupon this priest was condemned to death. He was beaten with clubs and stoned; when that didn’t finish him, he was beheaded outside the Flaminian Gate. Various dates are given for the martyrdom or martyrdoms: 269, 270, or 273.[8]“

Do you see the face?

And for no other reason than because I love my neighbor’s windows across the alley (she painted her windowpanes turquoise ♥), a picture of one of the windows. I’m almost certain I can get a better shot of this, but for now it’ll do. I want to do this, very badly!


I know I’m a total flake and forgot to do Things I Love Thursday this week, but I’ve been too busy with social gatherings. I’m so popular, I know! Thursday night I had a celebratory dinner with my closest GFs in LA at Le Petit Four in honor of my engagement. It was wonderful, we ate like Queens and I sat around and basked in their loveliness. I am so lucky to have such smart, sweet, caring, talented and beautiful friends.

Last night I played hostess to two of Julian’s new friends, Rhett and Link, who you may recognize from their YouTube channel. I made white chicken chili and we sat around and listened to advice from two married men on wedding to-dos and not-to-dos. I got a sneak peek at a music video the guys filmed in a bathroom this week with Julian (yeah) and will be releasing soon. It is truly hilarious, can’t wait to share. It also has a cameo from one very popular female tech vlogger.

So I guess you can just count this as a TiLT, because, well, I love all these things!

Alright, there is laundry to be done and donuts to polish off. Don’t be jealous. xoxo