my one year blogiversary

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I cannot believe it’s been a YEAR since I started As other bloggers can surely relate, I’ve grown to love this blog, and the people who read it, more than I thought was possible. I’ve been blogging for years on various other sites (some of the entries you’ll see I’ve imported, which is why you see entries from 3 years ago), but this is the first place I really invested the time and energy to create one space for all my writing, thoughts and inspiration – my REAL inspiration, not just one side of it.

Warning: sappyness ahead. This place almost feels like a garden to me (oh boy, here she goes) – something that takes attention, pruning, patience, and dedication. It gets messy sometimes, and sometimes I just don’t care about tending to it. Then I get an email from one of you, telling me how you’ve been inspired or motivated by something I’ve shared, about how you just ~*love*~ reading my garbled mess, and my entire attitude changes.

I’m not saying I am some kind of poet or Mother Teresa or anything like that (c’mon), but it blows my mind to see how many people come to this silly little blog everyday and it truly motivates me to keep going – keep sharing – keep putting just a little bit of positivity back out there. On this very special milestone I just want to say THANK YOU to any of you who have bookmarked, shared, commented, emailed, subscribed, or just plain read. Even if you never came back again.

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