iittala taika mugs

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I feel a little naughty, because I just splurged on four of these magical iittala Taika mugs. Gilt, aka bane of my checking account’s existence, has the Finnish collection on sale right now. I don’t own any of their other pieces, and usually stick to basic white for dishes, but I have a huge thing for mugs and these are just too sweet to pass up on. Plus, they’re half off… (this is where you scold me for “spaving,” you know: spending + saving = spaving)


It was a really tough choice between the blue and the white, but I went with the white. Come to mama!

there’s no place like home

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I’m thinking of becoming one of those ladies who drinks coffee through a straw, because I seem to be unable to have my morning coffee without spilling (or splattering) it all over my white shirt. Hi!

It’s been a long time since I’ve written, but boy am I glad to be back. I am now officially married – Mrs. Julian Smith, or rather, Mrs. Sarah Smith. Though I haven’t even tackled the whole name changing thing yet… one thing at a time. So far, married life is just divine, and I sure got a good one!

Our wedding was perfection, our honeymoon beautiful (and exhausting), and I’ll have photos of these events as time goes on and we get settled back into everyday life here in LA. Those few weeks we were gone felt like an eternity with all the traveling and time changing. We had seven flights in three weeks – LA to Nashville to LA to Paris to Berlin to New York to Nashville to LA. I’m telling you, I’ve never been so happy to be in this city and in my own bed, which is WAY better than hotel beds. I am also welcoming the sunshine with wiiiide open arms after two weeks of overcast skies and wool coats in Paris and Berlin.

This is my very un-thought-through “welcome me back” post, before I dive back into posting all the things I’ve been dying to share with you. Thanks to anyone who is still reading this after my hiatus… :)

you’re looking for boho bedrooms

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Isn’t the internet fancy? With just a few clicks, I can see how many people around the world are visiting my blog, where they’re coming from, what they’re clicking on, and sometimes even how old they are and what city they live in. The past few days, I’ve been getting a lot of search traffic for the keywords “boho bedroom” and “boho vintage bedroom.” I don’t recall ever writing about either of these things, though I am a big fan. So I decided to do a little Google search of my own….. guh, gorgeous!!!

Behold, the beautiful results:

Glebe Place in London.  Jack Nicholson and Mick Jagger have lived here!

Glebe Place in London. Jack Nicholson and Mick Jagger have lived here!

Yes please!

Yes please!

Ah, yes.  I did post this picture once.  That explains the traffic. Still my favorite bedroom OF ALL TIME.

Ah, yes. I did post this picture once. That explains the traffic. Still my favorite bedroom OF ALL TIME.

I'm not sure Carrie's bedroom from SATC counts as boho, but I love it anyway.

I\’m not sure Carrie\’s bedroom from SATC counts as boho, but I love it anyway.

I could do some serious relaxing here.

I could do some serious relaxing here.

I am including this one because it fits the theme - I was going to talk about this in a separate post about inexpensive home makeovers.  Click to read about this bedroom's transformation!

I am including this one because it fits the theme – I was going to talk about this in a separate post about inexpensive home makeovers. Click to read about this bedroom\’s transformation!

domino magazine (RIP)

domino magazine (RIP)

The huge exposed brick wall makes up for this really tiny picture.

Not. Big. Enough.

Clearly not a bedroom, but I'll take it!

Clearly not a bedroom, but I\’ll take it!


Things I Love Thursday

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Depending on how closely you follow my blog and how much you adore what I have to say, you may have noticed that I didn’t post a Things I Love Thursday last week. Being with my family, cooking and eating Thanksgiving dinner, and taking a break from the internet were among the reasons I had to skip, but I’m BACK! And I have plenty of things that are oozing with my love this week.

photo: paperpariah

Oh, If you like reading this, make a list of your own things you love in the comments. It is really fun, I promise, and if you’re having a craptacular day, it will boost your mood (money back guarantee.)


- December magic. My birthday is in September, but my favorite month might just be December, because Christmas is my favorite, favorite holiday, period. I love the sights, the smells, the music, the colors, the parties, the shopping, the lights, the giving, the cooking, the midnight mass, the spirit, the love, the family, the magic – all of it, all month long. Even if the stores are crowded and people are so stressed that they’re cussing each other out in parking lots, I tend to plug my ears and stay in my happy place full of candy canes and sparkles where St. Nick is laughing and everyone is caroling on the streets. Call me naive, but I don’t care. I am going to try and stretch this month out as long as I can and squeeze as much Christmas joy as possible. This year is shaping up to be a very special one, too, as it will be my first holiday away from home (I’ll be in Nashville with J’s family), but I’d be just as happy if I were serving in a soup kitchen downtown. Mmmm I love Christmas!

Picture 8
photo: holiday_jenny

- Making lists. I’m laughing at myself right this minute for including “making lists” on a LIST of things I love. Man, do I love a good list. I get excited over lists the way some people get excited over shopping, martinis or chocolate cake. I’m a Virgo through and through, especially the part about being a perfectionist and obsessive compulsive organizer, so I cannot work on anything without a list. I have lists for everything – to-do lists at work, grocery lists, things I want to buy for my apartment, gifts I need to buy, books I want to read, things that need to be cleaned, lists of bills (ugh). I am constantly telling my scatter-brained boyfriend that he needs to “make a list, make a list, make a list” but that just isn’t his style. Fortunately for him, it is mine, and I am the more organized of our little team. For even the most repulsive of tasks, writing it down seems to make it that much more appealing. As far as on-paper versus online, I tend to favor a mix of both. I use Google Tasks for my work list, though I prefer less eco-friendly pen and paper lists in pretty notebooks at home.

- Having a bed. Like a real bed, with a bed frame and a bed skirt. I moved into my fabulush apartment back in March, but believe it or not, I am just now getting around to putting my box spring and mattress up on a bed frame and making it look less ‘My First College Apartment’ and more ‘Mid-20s Adult Living In LA.’ I used to have a really pretty bedframe from IKEA, but it broke (several times) and I refused to put it up in my new place for fear my cats would be crushed if it collapsed (they like to hide underneath). I bought a simple bed frame on Overstock.com and an Ivory linen bed skirt, and forced Julian to assemble it for me last night. What are boyfriends for? Now, it looks much better – grown up, even! I also yanked a white duvet from my Mom’s house, along with two humongous lavender pillows, which really add to it. It has motivated me to make more improvements to my home.

How amazing is this bedroom?! apartmenttherapy

- Waking up on time. Since we’re talking about beds, let’s discuss sleep. I’m pretty lazy in the mornings and I HATE waking up. For some reason, though, every morning on our road trip though, I was up and at ‘em at whatever time Julian required – 5am, 6am, 7am – fresh as a daisy (after my coffee, of course.) Getting in the habit of waking up that early has turned me into a granny and I’ve been getting tired at 9pm now, instead of my usual 11pm-turned-into-1230am bedtime. It makes waking up in the morning much, MUCH easier, and I love it! I wouldn’t exactly call myself a “morning person,” but I love being awake early so I can get a head start on the day (eat breakfast, go running, drink coffee, check e-mails, read the news) without feeling like I’m rushing through the morning and trying to get to work on time.

- Being sore. You know what I’m talking about – the “good sore.” When you know that your hard work running, doing yoga, hiking, lifting weights or whatever form of exercise you chose is paying off. Bonus points when you’re sore in the right places. Girls, you know what I mean!

- L’Occitane Verbena candles. Falling in love with this treasure was a mere accident, I didn’t buy it, rather a friend of mine who was trying to get rid of some extra “stuff” handed it off to me. I put it in my bedroom and have become thoroughly addicted to it. It smells like fresh lemon zest (or, heaven) and not in an obnoxious way, either. It keeps the room smelling awesome even long after it is blown out. The only downside is the price ($23 for a 3.5 oz glass container). I keep telling myself to preserve it but I can’t help lighting it every time I am home. Pure love.

Picture 7

- My boyfriend’s face. Aren’t there studies that prove someone’s face gets more attractive to you the more you get to know them? I don’t know what it is, maybe it’s just his new haircut, but I am just in crazy, crazy love with Julian’s face more and more everyday. I think he is hands down the most handsome man that has ever walked the planet. Every time I look at his face I think to myself “how lucky am I?” It takes my breath away. Not to mention, he is the most caring, smart, talented, funny, kind and compassionate person I know. So THIS is what it’s supposed to feel like.

- Martha Stewart’s Homekeeping Handbook. I really want to be a housewife domestic goddess. Don’t get me wrong, I love my job and I doubt I will ever be completely void of a job, but there is something so intriguing about spending my days ironing curtains, organizing closets, baking muffins from scratch and folding socks. Yes, I know I’m crazy. While I was at home, I was thumbing through my Mom’s copy of Martha Stewart’s Homekeeping Handbook. This is the encyclopedia of everything you’ve ever wanted to know about kitchen organization, re-using old furniture, or cleaning a toilet. I really need this book, like now.

- Catching up with old friends. This trip back East was primarily about meeting family, as it was the first time Julian had met mine in the flesh and the first time I got to mix and mingle with several of his extended family. That being said, I REALLY loved being able to see my old friends back home. These are the people that know me through and through and though I don’t get to see them or talk to them regularly (this will change), they are always there for me. I am so happy J had the chance to meet and hang with my bestie Tabatha and her hubby Justin (who I call Candypants), as well as Katie and her husband Matt, Jenny and Randi. It felt different than previous trips home, I guess we are growing up, and catching up with old friends is less about going to a bar and drinking until we can’t see straight and more about actually spending quality time and hearing about what’s going on in their lives. I’ve already cemented a weekly Tuesday night phone date with Katie, and we had our first last night while I was rushing around the grocery store (I’m a busy girl.) I love, love my friends in LA, but I really miss my people back home. I can’t wait to be closer to them again one day.

Randi, Katie, myself and Jenny

Matt, Katie, myself and handsome Julian

Other noteworthy lovables:

Critiquing bridesmaid dresses with Lauren, “It looks like it went through the dryer with a piece of bubblegum”; Honest Tea; eMusic, because they give me 5 free songs for the holidays and are cheaper than iTunes; new black wool trenchcoats from Mom; planning Christmas trips to Nashville; hot cocoa; laughing until my face falls off with Julian; Benny (one of our office dogs) wearing a brown blanket as a cape around the office; free lunch on Wednesdays; hugs, not drugs; waking up to cuddling, purring cats who were hiding under my bed all night; random, funny dreams that even I can’t follow; Timothy Keller releasing a new book (Counterfeit Gods); a new LA food truck devoted to sweets & coffee (@TheSweetsTruck)

One last thing, though I doubt either of them read this: HAPPY BIRTHDAY to my best friend Tabatha and my little brother Travis!!!!!!!! I love you both so very much!

We (Barely) Made It To Virginia

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I can’t believe it, but we actually made it to Virginia. We departed Los Angeles on Saturday morning, made a brief overnight pit stop in Nashville to visit with J’s wonderful family and get a crash-course in driving stick shift, then left on our 10.5 hour roadtrip to my hometwon yesterday morning. The drive through TN and VA was beautiful, and you could hardly notice that Julian and I had just learned how to operate a manual transmission just a handful of hours prior to taking off! Before I recount some of the highlights from yesterday, let me just say that It is SO great to be home and visit with my family for the first time in seven months. I’m currently parked at my Mom’s dining room table, watching the rain through the big glass window overlooking our backyard, and Mom is in the living room pinning the quilt she’s making me.


We’ve got four days of fun, family and food ahead of us, but here are some of the highlights from our Thanksgiving excursion so far (some of which might not make any sense to you but I’m including them anyway because, well, because I feel like it):

Our first time flying together (we watched the first half of Ben Hur – I’ve never seen it!); getting to hang with Julian’s family and meeting his sweet Grandparents; big hugs from little boys Avery, Ezra and Trevor; our very late night five hour crash course in driving stick from J’s brother Jhason and Julian’s filmmaker approach to learning to drive stick – “Did you get that on film?” (video to come soon); never quite getting the whole shifting-up-hill thing; ‘Mr. Cool Guy’ hand-in-the-pocket toothbrushing; slapping a Student Driver magnet on the back of our car; finding out it fell off somewhere between Nashville and Knoxville (drivers beware); lunch with cousin Garrett in Knoxville and a very delicious grilled veggie sub; stalling on a hill five times in front of a very patient pick-up truck drive (thank goodness we’re not in LA, I have a feeling the reaction would have been VERY different); spotting a flaming tire bouncing across the interstate (terrifying); listening to classical Christmas carols; the VA and TN scenery that I miss so much, miles & miles of rolling hills of trees with leaves clinging to the branches, rock walls on the side of the interstate, overcast skies, barns with advertisements painted on the sides of them; “I’m pretty sure that guy wasn’t wearing a shirt, just a puffy vest.”; taking pictures of Shoney’s restaurants; actually, my horrible, horrible photography skills despite using a top of the line camera (we have 500 pictures of blurry trees); screeching like a maniac in glee when I saw the sign for I-66 E; sleeping in my favorite baby blue sheets…mmm.

Parking lot director.

We’re gonna need this. Oh, and make sure you get this on film.

(I’ll do a big photo post later this week when Julian gives me access to his super-secret files)

This morning Mom made Belgian waffles and now we’re going to enjoy some nice Moroccan Mint tea before taking off to give Julian a tour of Old Towne Manassas, and then we’re heading to my Dad’s to visit with the other half of my family… whom I can’t WAIT to see and introduce Julian to!

Interior Design Geek Chic. A Circuit Board Rug.

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I’m currently obsessed with the idea of decorating my apartment (which I pay an arm and a leg for… though it is quite beautiful) and although I probably wouldn’t incorporate this latch hook circuit board rug into the overall look, it is pretty amazing.


It looks super soft… and is impressively similar to the actual circuit board it was modeled after.


Now that’s a great looking circuit board. I would definitely hang a photo of that on my wall.

via Neatorama