A Dress Made Entirely Out Of Coffee Filters

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Great googly moogly. This has nothing to do with technology but I don’t care because this is my blog and I’ll write about what I want. So there! This dress is made entirely from coffee filters… which is very green, but also sounds a little scratchy. It’s surprisingly cute.


The dress is made by an 18 year-old girl named Aimee Kick, an aspiring fashion designer from Missouri who is apparently KICKing butt. She wore this little number to her prom. SMILE, Aimee, you’re famous!

This reminds me of one of the first runway shows I ever did, back in Richmond, VA in 2001… yes, it was a very long time ago. The show was called ‘Wearable Art’ and I wore a dress made out of metal washers, hinges, bolts, screws, etc. It sold for $2500.

It also reminds me of my senior prom. My Mom made my dress, it was yellow, sparkly, and gorgeous – but that’s not the funny part. I decided to be like, totally, stylish to crimp my hair. This turned out to be not such a great idea after all, but I only discovered it when it was too late to go back and start over. So I went to the prom with puffy eyes from crying and hair that looked like a lampshade. At least my Mom thought I looked beautiful. But who gives a care about high school anyway? Glory days my butt!

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Furry Boots.

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OMG, this picture of Siri Tollerod from the Dec 2007 issue of Muse – “My Boyfriend’s Girlfriend” …. what are those things on her feet?! It looks like the Grinch. Or Harry and the Hendersons. Love it!

Furry boots FTW.