moschino cuteness

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I don’t officially follow high-end fashion (too expensive and cut-throat), but every once in a while I take a gander at what’s coming out. And can I just say? This adorable number from Moschino Resort 2012 is so doing it for me.

And so is this one.

Wayyy cute, right? And pretty ideal for fickle in-between seasons in LA.

Photos: Courtesy of Moschino, via Vogue


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I love you, sample sales.

united bamboo cat calender 2011

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United Bamboo might just be my favorite clothing label of all-time.  This is a pretty outstanding declaration considering I’ve never really even seen a piece of their clothing, let alone worn one.  My love affair with UB is based solely upon the fact that each year they create miniature versions of their clothes, put them on a bunch of adorable cats, take professional grade photographs, and publish them a fashion cat calendar. 

Last year I didn’t get my hands on one of these wonderful works of art but this year – this year that’s changing.  One look at these behind-the-scenes shots of the photoshoot and I was SOLD!  I mean, how can you not love this?  Precious wrapped up in precious. Too bad I can’t find them online anywhere.  Boooooo hooo!

via style

P.S. One word about how I posted two cat posts in two days and you’re forever banned from my blog.

P.P.S. Just kidding you can come back!  I love you!

Update! The 2011 calendar is now available for pre-order. $50 is a lot for a calendar, but I think this is one I’m willing to splurge on.  Just ordered mine!

a perfect fall photo

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As lukewarm as I feel about the outfit in this photo, I have to share my delight over the feeling it’s giving me.  Despite the presence of peaches, it completely reeks of Autumn – boots-over-pants, apples, a light jacket – and makes me all nostalgic over Virginia in September.

Plus, I really like the lazy perfection of this model’s hair.   That overgrown roots look is hard to master, but she does it.  My friends, she does it.

via EmersonMade

missoni + converse fall 2010

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Don’t be confused – I’m not a fashion blogger.  Try as I might to appear fashionable and stylish, the comfort of falling back on jeans and t-shirts is far too appealing.  Which is precisely why this collaboration between Missoni and Converse struck a chord with me.  The casual trustworthiness of Chuck Taylors paired with the sophistication and edge of Missoni.  I love each of these very much, but sadly, refuse to pay $200 for a pair of sneaks.  Any takers?

Found via hypebeast

Update:  AND Bobby Solomon;)

recent fashion inspiration

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You could say I am looking forward to fall fashion.  I seem to be migrating away from the more summery pastels and more towards camel, thick fabrics, and slim pants.

via Jak and Jill, Everything Fab, this is glamorous, A.P.C., unruly things

press-on nails making a comeback?

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I’ve never wanted press-on nails as bad as I do right now…except for maybe when I was in elementary/middle school, a chronic nail-biter with no hopes of getting to a nail salon anytime soon. While discussing Minx and their lack of gorgeous patterns, my cupcake Jacqueline told me about Urban Outfitter’s new line of press-on nails. Sounds trashy, doesn’t it? But look at how cute these are:

Come on, they’re gorgeous! I mean, I’d like a sheet set in that pattern. They also have Chrome and Sparkle patterns. The effects of nail glue on my nails remains to be seen, but at only $8 a pop, it might be worth giving it a try.

What do you think – would you be seen with press-on nails?

do you have a wardrobe palette?

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I’m noticing a distinct pattern emerging in my ‘Fashion Finds’ board on Pinterest.* I mean, I already knew I was really into navy blues and greys, but I had no idea I was so drawn to pastels! Being a fair-skinned person, I always assumed those colors just washed me out and made me look ghostly. That could also just be the fluorescent lights I’ve worked in for the past, oh, seven years?


I recently read a minimalist article about paring down your wardrobe to contain only items you love in flattering colors that you adore and would wear all the time (and ditching everything else). I love this idea, my closet is FULL of items that I don’t love, bought because they were on sale, or that I thought “yeah, I might wear this once in a while.” Imagine having a closet full of stuff you actually love, that you would feel GREAT about yourself in.

So, tell me about you my friends - do you generally stick to a certain family of colors/shades for your wardrobe or are you more of the “anything goes” type?

Here are a few more images from my board:










*Besides just being a great image collecting apparatus, Pinterest is a great tool for bookmarking fashion/home pieces that catch your eye and discovering what your overall palette should be. If you want an invite, leave a comment or shoot me an email – I have 5 more!

inspiration: closet walls and interiors

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I’ve never really been one for decorating the inside of my closet, but thanks to the internet and blogs that specifically highlight closet decor, I’m recognizing the potential of my own walk-in at home. This photo below has especially stuck with me – I love the soft chandelier light and the framed Jackie O poster on the wall for inspiration. The shelves aren’t that fabulous, but what a great idea it is to have photos hanging in your closet to inspire you as you get dressed each morning. If that were hanging on my wall, I’d be wearing a lot less jeans, that’s for sure.

everything fabulous

So what WOULD I be wearing? This picture makes me swoon, for starters:

flimsy pastels

P.S. Still really, really loving Pinterest, which reminded me about this photo. 2 invites left if you want em, just leave your email in the comments or shoot me a line (if you can find my email, muahaha).

More awesome closet interiors:

his & hers

hallway closet

attic closet

if i had a spare $100…

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I would definitely spend it on these adorable stacked sea anemone rings. Handcut from sterling silver and 100% organically unique (that’s the beauty of Etsy, girls and boys), these rings combine vintage charm with the cleanness of modern style. Plus, they’re only $62, so after shipping and handling, I’d still have enough dinner to buy dinner (or dessert) for the hubs and I.


And that $100 happened to become $200? This.