Bits ‘n Pieces: January 23, 2010

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A little bit of this, a little bit of that. That’s what you’ll find in this post. Here’s a list of fun/funny/interesting/awesome/educational/snoozeworthy things I’ve come across lately. Enter at your own risk! Happy Saturday everyone!


- First up, this phenomenal Macbook cover that disguises your 21st century device as a vintage book. So distinguished.


- Before the Haiti earthquake, we had the San Francisco earthquake, and a couple weeks before the San Francisco earthquake, thousands of seals disappeared from Fisherman’s Wharf – where they had been hangin’ out for TWENTY YEARS! These smelly yet adorable seals totally knew something was up.


I find this fascinating… animal’s sixth sense! The newsroom security camera footage below shows a dog freaking out a full six seconds before the earthquake actually hit.

- The Flickr set of the Janssen Family’s latest RV makes me think that I’d like living on the road just fine, thank you very much. Boy, can this woman ever make the most of her tiny spaces! She has a couple really great blogs worth checking out, btw – Happy Foody and Walk Slowly Live Wildly.

- Where’s Waldo? On Google Maps! Hah! So clever and cute.

- Calvin & Hobbes snowmen. So much respect for this guy. I know this exact cartoon, too, because my Dad is a HUGE fan of C&H and my brother and I used to read his comic books over and over again when we were tikes. Calvin & Hobbes forever! Sidenote: I miss the snow so bad.


- Some nutcracker actually thinks Stanley Kubrick filmed NASA’s footage of the first moon landing and “revealed” his plan to the world in The Shining. This guy is cuckoo for Cocoa Puffs! Imagine the time it took him to figure that out.

- Seven Movie Moments You Didn’t Know Were Improv: This one is for you, Julian!

Le Love

- My own Mother’s soap kitchen: Isn’t it the cutest? This is where she mixes, mashes, molds, cuts and labels all her soaps that she sells at the Farmer’s Market (and soon, online!) I plan on doing many, many giveaways of my Momma’s soap, because it is BY FAR the BEST soap you have ever washed yourself with. And it smells GRRRRREAT! She even makes man-friendly scents.



- Tweeting Tags for your Dog! This dog tag is a wireless device that connects to a USB receiver on your computer and transmits tweets based on your dog’s activity – barking, sleeping, eating, etc – it’s actually pretty clever! Not technically available for purchase, but when it is, it’ll only be about $25. This is pretty funny because Julian and I were just talking about putting Scout & Pepper on Twitter this morning. I know, the world doesn’t need yet another animal Twitter account, but our tweets would be SO funny I PROMISE!

- I’m totally geeking out on wedding planning at the moment, but a week ago I would have gladly flown to a foreign country and eloped. This PRECIOUS New Year’s Eve elopement was serving as major inspiration behind that idea! Now that’s how you elope in style!

- How To Find A One-Night Stand On Craigslist.

- Urban Outfitters put a unicorn in their logo. Me likey.

Picture 8

- Natalie Portman wearing a $40 dress from Target on the red carpet. Can she get any cuter? That dress is really great, by the way! I LOVE the skirt part, guarantee my cats would snag it within 10 minutes of me wearing it.

- Choosing organizations to donate to after Haiti. Anytime you give your hard earned money to non-profit organizations, especially in the wake of of a natural disaster that has international attention on all levels, you have to choose wisely when deciding who to contribute to. This blog post has some sound advice from aid workers about the best ways to help, what to donate, when to donate and who to donate to. My personal advice is to NOT give to the Red Cross. I prefer Direct Relief, but there are many, many great organizations out there who will use your full donation to provide help.

- 48 Unusually Brilliant Business Card Designs.

- Arguing about whether Heaven will serve Chick-Fil-A or In ‘N Out (Part 1 and Part 2). This is old, but so awesome. And I really miss Chick-Fil-A. :(

- A YouTube enabled microwave. It chooses from millions of videos to find one that is the exact length your food is cooking, so you don’t have to just wait around with nothing to do. This is kind of sad, actually.

- Cheap, easy and beautiful Mod Podge projects. I am especially loving the $3.99 tray from Goodwill and the baby food jar magnets. Oh, and the coasters. All of this stuff was found on Flickr!

The magnets.

- Love making lists of places you want to see or go? How about a list of places you’ll never get to go? We’re talking top secret, underground, exclusive places here. Sucks, because a lot of those places look awesome.

The Vatican Archives

The Vatican Archives

The trailer for the new Banksy documentary premiering at Sundance, “Exit Through The Giftshop.” First time he has ever appeared on film!

Martha Stewart pole dancing. Work it, honey!

This post is dedicated to Casper, the famous cat-riding bus, who wasrecently killed after being hit by a car. RIP, Casper! You gave the world much laughter.


Jaw-Dropping Full-CG Animation: The Third & The Seventh

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I’m not a film buff, a designer, or even a photographer, but when I heard Julian geeking out over this piece made entirely out of CG animation, I decided to watch over his shoulder – and I was completely amazed by what I saw. Over and over I kept saying, “There is no way that is animated. Babe, look at it – it’s real. That is a real camera.”

Picture 7

But I was wrong. See for yourself (and watch fullscreen if you can) – The Third & The Seventh by Alex Roman is FULL-CG. I cannot believe something like this is even possible!! Forget Avatar, this man deserves some kind of award.

The Third & The Seventh from Alex Roman on Vimeo.


It’s Here! Sex & The City 2 Trailer

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At long last, the trailer for Sex & the City 2 has finally arrived! Yes, it’s true, I am a junky for this show (don’t judge me! It’s not all about sex, and if you watched the show, you’d know that!). I own the entire series on DVD in a pink faux-velvet case and counted down the days to the first movie which, while fabulous, wasn’t exactly what I wanted. The ending was happy though, and hopefully so will the second film, which is coming to theaters next May!


Based on the trailer (below), it looks like the girls will be doing some traveling again, though no specific plot lines are revealed. It appears the primary focus is the glitz, the glamour, the fashion, the fabulousness of their lives, careers and relationships. It’s the perfect chick flick.

Sex and the City 2 in HD

Trailer Park | MySpace Video


More 4 Me: What Can(t) You Live Without?

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This movie More 4 Me looks incredible, and has an extremely important message about consumption, material possessions and values. A documentary filmmaker hit the streets (and fields) around the world to ask people in all nations what the one thing they can’t live without. The answers varied from designer shoes to the simple luxury of water.

It is astonishing how blinded we can be in our Western bubble full of convenience and extravagance. It really makes you think – perhaps a better question is… what CAN I live without?

Here are some of the things I’m almost certain I could live without:

    1. Another new cellphone.
    2. Approximately 30 different colors of nail polish.
    3. New high thread-count sheets, when I can barely control my linen closet.
    4. Lunch that costs me more each day than most people make in a week.
    5. A box of Christmas cookies when I have 5lbs of excess Halloween candy at home.
    6. Another pair of boots because six can’t possibly be enough.
    7. A pantry full of food that goes stale, and thus, in the garbage.
    8. Yet another handbag, despite it being “freaking adorable.”
    9. More new books when there is a perfectly good library up the street.
    10. A $12 glass of wine because I’m “celebrating.”

Some things I can’t live without, and am thankful for:

    1. God’s love and guidance.
    2. My loving, caring family.
    3. A supportive network of friends.
    4. Julian.
    5. Eyes that see, ears that hear, hands that can make and legs that can get me from place to place.
    6. A job that allows me to have a roof over my head, basic sustenance (food and water), health care when I need it, and the ability to create, inspire, educate and impact.

As far as I know, this film is still seeking a distribution company. I really hope they find one, because I’d love to see this full-length! Movie website is here:


Tiny Babies. (Movie Trailer)

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Are you baby crazy? I’m not, or at least I didn’t think I was, until recently when my coworkers began having babies and bringing them into work. I used to be afraid of holding babies – not anymore! If I see one, I wanna hold it. I wanna feed it. I wanna dress it. I wanna rock it to sleep. I don’t want a baby just yet or anything, but something in me has definitely clicked into place and all of the sudden I have a much larger appreciation for little teensy babes and all the cuteness that comes with them. Which is why I’m super excited about this trailer for the upcoming movie Babies that follows the first lives of four babies in four very different locales – Tokyo, Namibia, San Francisco and Mongolia. Even if you’re not into tots, it still looks like it’ll be an educational look at cultural differences (and human similarities) in the early stages of life.

Chiggity check it:

Ah, love.



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Sunday night, my boyfriend and I (along with my coworker Chris and his beautiful wife Kelly) attended a free screening of No Impact Man at Environmentaland in LA. It was, in a word, inspiring. I first heard about No Impact Man about a year ago, maybe more. In a nutshell, NIM is Colin Beavan’s year-long attempt to live with no environmental impact.

Dragging his wife and daughter along for the ride, Colin documented his experiences via film, writing and blogging each step of the way, no electricity, no elevators, no cars, no garbage, even no toilet paper. Watching them as they graduated from struggling to thriving while living without television and buying all their own food at a farmers market (even visiting the local farm on which their food was grown), I quickly understood just why someone would want to give up all these simple, convenient comforts. Aside from killing our planet, which is more than alarming, it makes me a little ill to think of all the things we’ve come to depend on. Surely this over-consumptive behavior isn’t the way we were intended to live – is it? What happened to good old fashioned one-on-one entertainment with the people we love and planet we live on?


Before I get into a big rant here, I’ll get to the point. You should all watch this movie, which opens nationwide on Sept 11. I believe it has something to teach everyone (and for the record, his wife is abs. hilarious.) The Q&A with Colin after the film gave the very small audience a more intimate look into why Colin embarked on this daunting adventure (much of which has carried over in his day-to-day), and what he has learned from it. His book just hit bookstores yesterday and I plan on buying it.

Here are some other things I plan on doing:

    -First of all, I want to sell my car. Whether or not I’ll be able to is yet to be determined. I have a brand new car that I just bought last summer, and I’m no dummy – I know turning around and selling would create a big fat void in my bank account. Plus, I live in LA. I only work 2 miles from home, so biking wouldn’t be bad, but there is the occasional need for a car. Perhaps selling and buying something cheaper is the solution? We’ll see. Onto smaller goals.
    -No more plastic bags! Simple, and absolutely necessary. I’m not about to add to the Great Pacific Garbage Patch anymore than I already have… I’m buying a few more reusable grocery bags and gosh darnit I’m gonna use ‘em.
    -While we’re on plastic, no more plastic bottles. I felt kind of silly sitting with a plastic Smart Water bottle at the movie premiere, but what other choice did we have when they were serving free wine (organic in cornstarch cup from a cardboard box, btw) and had no AC (they really meant it when they said “NO impact.”) I have a Camelbak that works perfectly fine, there is no need to litter up the planet with even more plastic bottles.
    -Use less electricity. I have a big apartment, and it takes a bit of light to brighten this place up. But I love candles, and have windows on three sides of my apt, so why waste electricity? It’s more romantic, anyway. Unplugging appliances will be necessary as well.
    -Less, if any, TV. I’m a busy girl as it is, so I don’t watch a ton of TV. I have my favorite shows, though, so I am currently “borrowing” slash housing my friend Serena’s flat screen while she’s rendezvousing in NY for who knows how long. My old tube-style TV is just sitting here in the corner. I think I might sell the old fashioned TV, use Serena’s for now, and then ween myself off of it after she takes it. I don’t really need cable these days anyway – hello, Hulu! At most I might get another display and hook it up to the good old laptop for movie and TV watching. Shows are better on DVD anyway.
    -This is the most fun one… BIKING!!! I can’t wait to buy a bicycle and ride it EVERYWHERE. I’m a little nervous about “urban cycling,” especially in a city where everyone takes cycling very seriously. I don’t need a fancy pants bike, I just want to pedal, man! To the grocery store, to work, to the bank, to yoga, to my friend’s house, to wherever my day takes me. I can’t WAIT to drive less and bike more.

photo: meganduffy

I am also going to limit myself to five vices. This is a pretty big thing, so I haven’t quite decided what my five will be (but I can assure you coffee and french fries are two one of them). Not sure how this fit into my impact equation but it did, so I’m leaving it for now.

At one point Colin was pointing out the advantages to living in urban environments – community, for one. On that note, I have to say one of the things that I love about living in a big city like this (despite the terrible air quality and overall yuck factor) is the opportunity to go to events like this. Even if they did refuse to turn on the air conditioning. I’ve lived without AC in my apartment for 2.5 years now, and I’m doing just fine!

Interested in how you can lessen your impact? Here are Colin’s top 10 ways in which you can decrease your impact. #1? Stop eating beef.


The September Issue

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I came close to spontaneous combustion when I saw the trailer for The September Issue in theatres this weekend. I’m not sure how I missed the buzz about this online (what kind of a blogger am I?) but I’m making up for it now. The full-length documentary chronicles American VOGUE Editor-In-Chief Anna Wintour as she puts together the Sept 2007 issue, which is the thickest, most looked-forward-to issue of the year. As the trailer says, in the world of fashion, the year begins with September.

As snaky as Anna is (they wrote The Devil Wears Prada about her, for crying out loud), she has current and future fashion trends in the palm of her hands. If you have any love for fashion, you can’t help but have respect for her (even with that highly outdated hairstyle). When it comes to fashion, she is IT. Aside from that, she’s completely neurotic, which makes for great entertainment. Bring it on!!


The film debuted at Sundance but they held the NYC premiere last night. Here’s the trailer.


New York, I Love You.

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Of all the places I’ve been and cities I’ve spent time in, New York has got to be my favorite. Perhaps it’s because I’m a 20-something who craves energy and creativity, but something about being in New York makes me feel so ALIVE! I lived there for a couple of months back in 2005, but due to the timing, I left very prematurely. Moving to a strange new city (even when you’ve visited umpteen thousand times) in the midst of a quarter-life crisis is either a really good idea, or a really bad idea. In my case, a bad idea, and I have a plethora of drunken memories to prove it. But given the opportunity, under the right circumstances, I’d move back in a heartbeat. Every time I visit the city it just melts my heart like nothing else – even with the smelly summer sidewalk trash and LES cockroaches.

Picture 17
Photo: Flickr user mudpig

The new film New York, I Love You seems to be more of a collection of love stories about human beings, but I can’t help but think that each character’s love for the city makes it just a little bit more special. Check out the neverending cast and crew list on this film. The trailer is pretty cute, made even cuter by the use of French band Phoenix, who released what is one of my favorite albums of 2009 so far.

It will be in theaters this fall… just in time for me to begin hating LA for its lack of seasons, just as I do every year.


Sex and Wrinkles in the City

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And THIS, kids, is why we don’t smoke.

Yikes!!!  She looks 30 years older than she actually is.   But for real, I don’t care, I love and will always love Carrie Bradshaw and I am more than amped to see the Sex and the City movie.  It is going to be an EVENT.