the hunger games trailer

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Eeeee! That’s me squealing like a fangirl over the first trailer for The Hunger Games movie. It was less than a year ago when I first started obsessing over the books, and at that point, the idea of a movie wasn’t even a blip on the Hollywood radar (at least in the media). But my how quickly it’s come to fruition, and despite my hesitations (how could they possibly live up to the books?), it looks wonderful. Almost identical to how I pictured it in my mind! They’ve done a GREAT job, and even the actor playing Gale doesn’t entirely suck it seems!

Please tell me I’m not the only one out there that is losing it over this. I haven’t been this excited since the Sex & The City movies. I can only hope this turns out better than those did!


madonna of the mills

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Did anyone happen to catch the new HBO documentary last night, Madonna of the Mills? It’s about a Pennsylvania woman who single handedly rescues over 2,000 pups from puppy mills. If you aren’t familiar with puppy mills, I beg you to do some research. It’s a disgusting trade that deserves to be ceased immediately.

“All of those cute puppies that are sold in pet stores come from “puppy mills.” Their mothers spend their entire lives in a tiny, unsanitary cages, never walked, never petted, never doing anything but making puppies . When these dogs can no longer produce litters or money for their owners, they are put to death – stoned, shot, drowned or starved.”

Organizations like the Humane Society of the United States have done a ton of work to help spread the word with their informative & resourceful puppy mills campaign (ASPCA has one also), but I think a film like this could really help spread awareness to the general public, the folks who are supporting this practice by purchasing puppies from pet stores and breeders*. I plan on watching it soon! Here’s the trailer:

Madonna of the Mills Trailer from Umbrella Girl Media on Vimeo.


*Let me be clear though, not all breeders are bad. Just putting a small amount of research can be extremely helpful in discovering exactly who and what you are supporting when you purchase a puppy from a breeder.


my hubs + james cameron

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Soo, my hubs recently interviewed/serenaded famed film director James Cameron. Yay! Here’s what happened:


water for elephants trailer

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And just like that, I’ve got another favorite movie to look forward to. I read Sara Greun’s Water for Elephants this past September and fell in LOVE with the story of love & life among an old-fashioned prohibition-era traveling circus. I was sad to finish the book, but ecstatic to find out that one of my fave actresses, Reese Witherspoon, was set to star in the film-version of the book alongside the handsome Robert Pattinson and Christoph Waltz of Inglorious Basterds fame.

The trailer has just been released, and I’m pleased to say it looks incredible!! Get excited!

But before you get too excited – promise me you’ll read the book first. It’s just the proper thing to do. You have until April 2011 which gives you about 4 1/2 months. That’s plenty of time.


eat pray love

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Last Spring I was utterly engrossed in reading Eat Pray Love by Elizabeth Gilbert, so when I found out several months back that it was going to be made into a movie starring the always enjoyable Julia Roberts, my heart sang. I am so looking forward to seeing this movie!

Oh, boy! This trailer came out, oh, four months ago? But I am just now seeing it, because I am that out of touch. I think. Who cares. Javier Bardem and James Franco are in it. I am super happy that they chose Florence & the Machine as the trailer soundtrack. Love + love = super love.

Ladies – anyone else already making plans to see this film? It’s out on August 13. Have you all read the book? Promise me you won’t watch it until you do. It’s really amazing – uplifting, inspiring, touching, etc.


bits & pieces: july 7, 2010

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I’ve had a bit of a cloudy disposition these past couple days because the sun has decided to boycott Los Angeles, despite it being July and us saying “sayonara!” to June gloom days ago. What’s up with that?! I am all for a bit of cloudy weather, when the time is right, but right now I’m in need of some serious rays of sunshine. To help brighten YOUR day, here are a few fun things I’ve found this week. Happy Hump Day!

Images by Martin Venezky, found on KN.

Goodwill’s new calculator tool shows you just how far your donation will go.

letter to employees from Woot CEO regarding acquisition by Amazon – I love how playful and honest it is.

Insanely beautiful fall North Carolina wedding. I love the East coast!!

My favorite movie as a teenager, IT, is getting remade. Proceed with the criticism, odd-looks and snide remarks (I’m talking about my poor movie taste, but of course the movie is fair game as well).

Catalog Living. It’s like Days of our Lives and Pottery Barn had a baby.

Rainbowssss! by Leah Rosenberg. Not the official name of the collection, btw. But this is, officially, the prettiest cake ever:

Some more words to live by.

I love this collapsible cocktail tray table. Yes, I’m having another love affair with Overstock.

Super chic office decor. My fave is the hanging globes.

More inconspicuous video game graffiti!

How dainty and delicate are these ruffled sheets? I promise, not as ugly as they sound. I love!

These rosette pillow shams are also really sweet, but it looks like something that could easily be DIYed. Any takers?

Observations of spending based on income. Sad to see how much “General Shopping” goes up whilst “Charity” stays about even, until people reach super high income levels (and probably start to feel guilty.)

Sarah Jessica Parker’s house in the Hamptons

The 5 Healthiest Summer Cocktails

Old letter from Marlon Brando to Michael Jackson

Titanic is getting the 3D treatment for the 100th anniversary of the tragedy. Definitely going!

Makeup inspiration. If only I could pull off that color lipstick.

Gorgeous blue curtains that cost only $22 and take 20 min to make (granted you own a sewing machine… which I don’t)

Check your email once a day? That would be nice. This guy has some pretty valid points. Also of interest: How to Avoid Scaling Your Life Overhead With Your Income.

Decorating with Apothecary Jars!

Especially love the soap idea!

And now for something truly terrifying.

How did I miss this:

God bless people who get this excited… even if they may be tripping on something:

And because it wouldn’t be the internet in 2010 without a techno remix:


favorite classic american films

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Last night, after riding a pony at work (more on that later), J and I broke out the old Netflix instant queue and decided to check out A River Runs Through It. I’d never seen this old-ish (1992) classic set in the 1920s, but I loved it. The story line was well told, the relationship between the characters was touching, young Brad Pitt was captivating as always, but the scenery is what truly caught my attention. The story takes place in Montana, and as far as I know, that’s where they filmed as well. I was blown away by the the sheer greatness and splendor of the landscape – sky-scraping forests, ferocious rivers, rich meadows and towering mountains. What was once perhaps the last place on Earth I’d want to visit is now close to the top of my list. Is this one of those secret awesome places in America that people put on as being awful and boring but in reality, is gorgeous, peaceful and amazing? Hm.

Watching this film also made me realize that this genre of American dramas are probably one of my favorites of all-time. This weekend being Independence Day and all, I thought it might be a fun time to think about some of my favorite films that embrace America’s extremely diverse culture and history (the good and the bad) and spin it into a beautiful two-hour trip back in time. Tell me your favorites, too, please! We don’t have cable (by choice), so movies are kind of our thing.

Some of my favies, in no particular order:

Cold Mountain
Fried Green Tomatoes
Legends of the Fall
Shawshank Redemption
The Last of the Mohicans
Forrest Gump
What’s Eating Gilbert Grape
The Cider House Rules
The Notebook
Divine Secrets of the Ya-Ya Sisterhood (ok, not the best movie but an awesome book!)
Catch Me If You Can
The Bridges of Madison County
To Kill a Mockingbird
Gangs of New York

Clearly this list is lacking. I didn’t include any films I haven’t seen myself, despite them being guaranteed awesome (i.e., Gone With The Wind, Rudy and Dances With Wolves, one of my Dad’s favorites). What are your favorite American films?!


ANOTHER Sex and the City 2 Trailer

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Being busy isn’t too bad, but when it causes me to miss things like the new theatrical trailer for Sex and the City 2, we’ve got a problem. I was already super-duper excited about seeing this movie (my excitement for SATC2 comes in just behind getting a husband and going on a honeymoon in Paris), but NOW I’m even MORE fired up, because Aiden is in it! We love Aiden!!

Man, I love this series. I hope they never stop making movies.

By the way, took Julian to get a little bit of oral surgery this morning (been playing nurse and making soup for him all day) and his dentist totally looked like a more-attractive and taller Mr. Big. I think he’s married, but if you’re interested in having a Mr. Big lookalike as a dentist, I can give you his info.



Bits & Pieces: March 7, 2010

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HAPPY SUNDAY! I’m not so happy today, because my fiance is out of town for the next week (sad face), but at least I’ll have plenty of time to catch up with my girlfriends and…. blog. Ugh. Come back, Julian! In all reality, I’m looking forward to making a dent in my reading list and watching shows and movies he’d begrudgingly agree to watch.


Here’s a list of random stuff that will hopefully distract you from the list of Sunday chores you should be doing right now.

- New app tells you what music is hot on MySpace right now. Say what you will about MySpace, but one cannot deny their reign as King of the music world. We Are Hunted created a new radio app that lets you listen to MySpace artists that have had the most playing action in the last 60 seconds. It is a phenomenal tool for discovering new music. And it’s not nearly as pop-heavy as you’d think – quite the contrary, actually. It also comes in iPhone and Android form. Try it here.

Picture 7

- Museum of Celebrity Tweets – hilarious graphic illustrations of celebrity’s tweets.

- Fortune’s list of the world’s most admired companies. No-brainers include Apple, Google and

- Easter Bunnies Will Steal Your Soul. Just like the creepy Santa photos blog, but instead of child-molester looking Santas, you’ve got rabid looking Bunnies.


- Food, Inc. director wearing organic tux for Oscars ceremony – and I truly hope he gets to show it off! If you haven’t yet watched this film, get on it. It will enlighten you. Don’t stop there, if you’re moved by the documentary – there is a wealth of information out there about our atrocious food industry just WAITING to educate you!

- Norway’s luxury prison/spa has more amenities than my apartment does. A gym, training room, chapel, library, family visiting unit, football (possibly soccer) field, a school, and, most unbelievably, a sound studio.

- The World’s Most Confusing Bookbag – Obama! Sonic! Harry Potter! Tulips! Crap!

- Nerd Merit Badges – I think everyone was going gaga over these a couple weeks ago, but I just found them. They’re like little FourSquare badges, only they’re REAL, and they err on the side of nerdiness (i.e., a badge for reaching Inbox Zero). Back in 8th and 9th grade, I used to go crazy over some patches on my bookbag.

- This picture of Darth Vader riding a white cat into battle with a light saber is also moderately funny.

- The Cat Hammock Coffee Table – Sorry for all the Geekologie links, but I couldn’t not include this baby. My cats would looove to lay on this – even more so because they can be adored while lounging – the top is made of glass. Julian- don’t think I will forget that you said we can get this.

- Dating Tips from 1938. Some of these are still very important and hold true today, for example, not passing out drunk in the middle of your date (never a good look.) Some others, however, not so much:


- A tweeting bike that shares your location as you cruise around town. It was created to encourage and aid social media connection for an upcoming festival in London…. sounds cool! And only a little bit dangerous!

- Man watches 30 chick flicks in 30 days to better understand the opposite sex. Sheesh. I don’t even know if I could do that. So what did he learn?

    “Love is tender, and any real relationship is based on forgiveness, compassion and vulnerability.”

- Martha Stewart pitches new TV show, ‘Help Me, Martha!” – I imagine this would be something like Clean House, but instead of Neicy Nash’s tough love, slobs would get a dose of Martha’s honey-dipped words of wisdom and a how-to solution for their toughest household problems or entertaining disasters. If I had cable, I’d watch, because I love anything Martha.

- There’s going to be a live-action/CGI film version of The Smurfs? And Katy Perry will be the voice of Smurfette? Well, ok. I guess I’ll add it to my Netflix queue – this will be interesting. So, what else can we raise from the dead and remake? The Snorks? Fraggle Rock?

A parody of the incredible Old Spice commercials that Julian is now obsessed with. Being the Apple lover he is, this must have sent him over the edge.

Miscast Classic Films Funny Videos | Spoofs | Funny Animations

Al Pacino as Han Solo? John Travolta as Forrest Gump? Animator Dan Meth presents clips from classic movies, if actors once considered for important roles had been selected.


Original Alice in Wonderland Film from 1903

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I still haven’t decided whether I’m going to shell out the dough and brave the crowds to see Alice in Wonderland this weekend, but something tells me the answer is “NO.” I do want to see it, but I’m more the type to wait and see how the reviews look – especially when it costs $60 to see the thing in 3D. Luckily, this vintage footage of the original Alice in Wonderland film from 1903 popped up on YouTube recently, and it’s almost as cool as the trailers for Tim Burton’s version.

Can you believe this was made only eight years after they started making movies? Also – can you believe the Alice in Wonderland story is over a century and a half old? It was written in 1866. Amazing.

P.S. This is my favorite still-shot of the movie so far. I wouldn’t mess with this mouse.

Picture 8