john robshaw textiles

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I wish I never would have stumbled upon John Robshaw Textiles’ website. I am now lusting after quilts, shams, sheets and more that cost more than I’d spend in a month on food. Ok, maybe not quite that much, but still, IT’S UP THERE. How gorgeous are these though? And I know it’s hard to tell quality online, but they just LOOK like they’d be sooo soft and snuggly. Can anyone confirm/deny?


bits & pieces: july 14, 2010

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Hey friends! Ready to let your mid-week worries slip away? Here are some distractions that should do the trick. Hope you all have the best Wednesday in the history of Wednesdays!


10 reasons why being married is better

amazing jewelry display, so easy to DIY

more personalized stamp love. please and thank you

paul the octopus predicts other things, too

loooooove this princess & the pea photoshoot!

adorable chapel turned into a loft

a list of overused fashion words that have been banished from the up and coming Velour magazine. see ya later, LBD, celeb and fashionista!

so what IS the American dream exactly?

the truth about agave nectar – oh geez. i had no idea :(

helplessly in love with these personalized sherbet-colored notebooks

oh yes, we need one of these unique custom illustrated portraits

25 things I’d never trade for money
- and –
7 minimalist lessons I’ve learned from my kids

The net worth of US presidents, from from Washington to Obama, via my friend budgetsaresexy

oooh yes – lavender lemonade ala Sunday Suppers

gorgeous spring furniture collection from Cisco Brothers

Blueberry oatmeal bread recipe that looks delicious and is EASY! No yeast or kneading required.

10 tips to overcome negative thoughts

customizable chocolate bars! so creative and yum! via via simple song

One last thing. Please vote for 100 layer cake for best wedding blog… because they are indeed the best! And because i said please. Thank you & goodnightday.



windowsill flowers in wine bottle vases

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Remember a week or so ago when I mentioned how I loved the flowers in wine bottle vases on my kitchen windowsill? Well, my in-house photographer finally got around to taking photos of said gorgeousness. The good news is, the flower food I sprinkled in each bottle has managed to keep the flowers alive and happy EVEN TO THIS VERY DAY. Talk about magic dust!

Here are some of the photos, which I recommend clicking on (twice) to see the full size image.

BEAUTIFUL, right? And yet they are shamefully upstaged by this stunning glamour shot of my Scout:

P.S. We had an earthquake in the middle of my uploading these photos. Dontcha just love living in California?


bits & pieces: july 7, 2010

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I’ve had a bit of a cloudy disposition these past couple days because the sun has decided to boycott Los Angeles, despite it being July and us saying “sayonara!” to June gloom days ago. What’s up with that?! I am all for a bit of cloudy weather, when the time is right, but right now I’m in need of some serious rays of sunshine. To help brighten YOUR day, here are a few fun things I’ve found this week. Happy Hump Day!

Images by Martin Venezky, found on KN.

Goodwill’s new calculator tool shows you just how far your donation will go.

letter to employees from Woot CEO regarding acquisition by Amazon – I love how playful and honest it is.

Insanely beautiful fall North Carolina wedding. I love the East coast!!

My favorite movie as a teenager, IT, is getting remade. Proceed with the criticism, odd-looks and snide remarks (I’m talking about my poor movie taste, but of course the movie is fair game as well).

Catalog Living. It’s like Days of our Lives and Pottery Barn had a baby.

Rainbowssss! by Leah Rosenberg. Not the official name of the collection, btw. But this is, officially, the prettiest cake ever:

Some more words to live by.

I love this collapsible cocktail tray table. Yes, I’m having another love affair with Overstock.

Super chic office decor. My fave is the hanging globes.

More inconspicuous video game graffiti!

How dainty and delicate are these ruffled sheets? I promise, not as ugly as they sound. I love!

These rosette pillow shams are also really sweet, but it looks like something that could easily be DIYed. Any takers?

Observations of spending based on income. Sad to see how much “General Shopping” goes up whilst “Charity” stays about even, until people reach super high income levels (and probably start to feel guilty.)

Sarah Jessica Parker’s house in the Hamptons

The 5 Healthiest Summer Cocktails

Old letter from Marlon Brando to Michael Jackson

Titanic is getting the 3D treatment for the 100th anniversary of the tragedy. Definitely going!

Makeup inspiration. If only I could pull off that color lipstick.

Gorgeous blue curtains that cost only $22 and take 20 min to make (granted you own a sewing machine… which I don’t)

Check your email once a day? That would be nice. This guy has some pretty valid points. Also of interest: How to Avoid Scaling Your Life Overhead With Your Income.

Decorating with Apothecary Jars!

Especially love the soap idea!

And now for something truly terrifying.

How did I miss this:

God bless people who get this excited… even if they may be tripping on something:

And because it wouldn’t be the internet in 2010 without a techno remix:


inspiration: closet walls and interiors

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I’ve never really been one for decorating the inside of my closet, but thanks to the internet and blogs that specifically highlight closet decor, I’m recognizing the potential of my own walk-in at home. This photo below has especially stuck with me – I love the soft chandelier light and the framed Jackie O poster on the wall for inspiration. The shelves aren’t that fabulous, but what a great idea it is to have photos hanging in your closet to inspire you as you get dressed each morning. If that were hanging on my wall, I’d be wearing a lot less jeans, that’s for sure.

everything fabulous

So what WOULD I be wearing? This picture makes me swoon, for starters:

flimsy pastels

P.S. Still really, really loving Pinterest, which reminded me about this photo. 2 invites left if you want em, just leave your email in the comments or shoot me a line (if you can find my email, muahaha).

More awesome closet interiors:

his & hers

hallway closet

attic closet


way more excited than i should be

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My heart is racing, I’ve got butterflies in my stomach, I’m breathless and squealing. What is causing me so much excitement? It can’t be a new guy in my life (yanno, married) so what is it? THIS, my pretties!:

Last night I ordered my first (and if it’s as good as the reviews say it is, my only) KitchenAid Stand Mixer.

If you would have told me at age 17 that I’d be getting this excited over a kitchen appliance, I would have smacked you silly. Just kiddin, but I never thought I’d see the day that my inner housewife (love that I can use that word now) would be flaring up so much over something that would be used to bake (or cook, or juice, or make pasta, or sausages…..) Every woman I’ve known who has one of these has raved about its durability, usefulness and just all-around amazingness. One look at the reviews online and you’ll see that sentiment echoed by thousands of happy shoppers.

A tip for anyone in the market for one of these INCREDIBLE stand mixers – buy from AMAZON, not Williams Sonoma, Macy’s, or any of the other retail outlets. These are originally up to $400 a piece, and though the high-end retailers and dept stores offer discounts of up to -$100, I got mine brand new (from KitchenAid) for only $219 on Amazon. Free two-day shipping too, because we have an Amazon prime account (well worth the $80 a year).

I can’t wait to see how much easier this baby is going to make my mixing, baking and blending. Ahhh!

Do you have a KitchenAid mixer? Tell me how it’s changed your life.


iittala taika mugs

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I feel a little naughty, because I just splurged on four of these magical iittala Taika mugs. Gilt, aka bane of my checking account’s existence, has the Finnish collection on sale right now. I don’t own any of their other pieces, and usually stick to basic white for dishes, but I have a huge thing for mugs and these are just too sweet to pass up on. Plus, they’re half off… (this is where you scold me for “spaving,” you know: spending + saving = spaving)


It was a really tough choice between the blue and the white, but I went with the white. Come to mama!


wish my ceiling looked like this

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I’d be a lot more likely to go to bed on time.



We Are Happy To Serve You

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So, I am planning on posting a little tribute about why I am so in love/lust with the city of New York, but I just came across something so divine I had to post it now. You know those little blue paper coffee cups? They are a NY icon. I am delighted to have discovered that you can buy them, complete with “We Are Happy To Serve You” logo in a reusable, ceramic version. For only $12.


Apparently this is nothing new, as they seem to be available all over the world, but I’ve never seen them before. I want two.


Bits & Pieces: March 7, 2010

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HAPPY SUNDAY! I’m not so happy today, because my fiance is out of town for the next week (sad face), but at least I’ll have plenty of time to catch up with my girlfriends and…. blog. Ugh. Come back, Julian! In all reality, I’m looking forward to making a dent in my reading list and watching shows and movies he’d begrudgingly agree to watch.


Here’s a list of random stuff that will hopefully distract you from the list of Sunday chores you should be doing right now.

- New app tells you what music is hot on MySpace right now. Say what you will about MySpace, but one cannot deny their reign as King of the music world. We Are Hunted created a new radio app that lets you listen to MySpace artists that have had the most playing action in the last 60 seconds. It is a phenomenal tool for discovering new music. And it’s not nearly as pop-heavy as you’d think – quite the contrary, actually. It also comes in iPhone and Android form. Try it here.

Picture 7

- Museum of Celebrity Tweets – hilarious graphic illustrations of celebrity’s tweets.

- Fortune’s list of the world’s most admired companies. No-brainers include Apple, Google and

- Easter Bunnies Will Steal Your Soul. Just like the creepy Santa photos blog, but instead of child-molester looking Santas, you’ve got rabid looking Bunnies.


- Food, Inc. director wearing organic tux for Oscars ceremony – and I truly hope he gets to show it off! If you haven’t yet watched this film, get on it. It will enlighten you. Don’t stop there, if you’re moved by the documentary – there is a wealth of information out there about our atrocious food industry just WAITING to educate you!

- Norway’s luxury prison/spa has more amenities than my apartment does. A gym, training room, chapel, library, family visiting unit, football (possibly soccer) field, a school, and, most unbelievably, a sound studio.

- The World’s Most Confusing Bookbag – Obama! Sonic! Harry Potter! Tulips! Crap!

- Nerd Merit Badges – I think everyone was going gaga over these a couple weeks ago, but I just found them. They’re like little FourSquare badges, only they’re REAL, and they err on the side of nerdiness (i.e., a badge for reaching Inbox Zero). Back in 8th and 9th grade, I used to go crazy over some patches on my bookbag.

- This picture of Darth Vader riding a white cat into battle with a light saber is also moderately funny.

- The Cat Hammock Coffee Table – Sorry for all the Geekologie links, but I couldn’t not include this baby. My cats would looove to lay on this – even more so because they can be adored while lounging – the top is made of glass. Julian- don’t think I will forget that you said we can get this.

- Dating Tips from 1938. Some of these are still very important and hold true today, for example, not passing out drunk in the middle of your date (never a good look.) Some others, however, not so much:


- A tweeting bike that shares your location as you cruise around town. It was created to encourage and aid social media connection for an upcoming festival in London…. sounds cool! And only a little bit dangerous!

- Man watches 30 chick flicks in 30 days to better understand the opposite sex. Sheesh. I don’t even know if I could do that. So what did he learn?

    “Love is tender, and any real relationship is based on forgiveness, compassion and vulnerability.”

- Martha Stewart pitches new TV show, ‘Help Me, Martha!” – I imagine this would be something like Clean House, but instead of Neicy Nash’s tough love, slobs would get a dose of Martha’s honey-dipped words of wisdom and a how-to solution for their toughest household problems or entertaining disasters. If I had cable, I’d watch, because I love anything Martha.

- There’s going to be a live-action/CGI film version of The Smurfs? And Katy Perry will be the voice of Smurfette? Well, ok. I guess I’ll add it to my Netflix queue – this will be interesting. So, what else can we raise from the dead and remake? The Snorks? Fraggle Rock?

A parody of the incredible Old Spice commercials that Julian is now obsessed with. Being the Apple lover he is, this must have sent him over the edge.

Miscast Classic Films Funny Videos | Spoofs | Funny Animations

Al Pacino as Han Solo? John Travolta as Forrest Gump? Animator Dan Meth presents clips from classic movies, if actors once considered for important roles had been selected.