i’m not this mean, but…

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How funny is this?

I love my dog far too much to dress him and/or paint/glue his body with various robot parts, but this is great. Poor dog looks miserable though!

This summer I made Julian’s dreams come true when I agreed to watch all the Star Wars movies with him. Yes, ALL OF THEM. To be fair they weren’t that bad, I actually kind of liked them though my eyes did glaze over more than a few times during battle scenes. It’s nice to “get” certain jokes in pop culture now, including this costume.

The jury is still out on whether or not we’ll put a costume on Frank this year. He is 80 lbs now, so it’s a little hard finding something that fits. This was his costume last year and it was a hit!

Sometimes I put it on him to wear around the house just for fun. He doesn’t seem to mind.


Images: geekologie / buycostumes

christmas week

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We had such a fun time in New York and Virginia over Christmas… it really felt more like a month than 9 days. In NY we had no agenda other than eating, walking around, sleeping in, and shopping. I believe we met every one of those goals! Our time in VA was all about family and I was lucky enough to get to hang with not only my parents and siblings, but Grandparents, aunts & uncles as well! We cut down a (somewhat puny) Christmas tree, held baby bunnies, played a ton of games, cooked breakfast and dinner together, met up with friends, witnessed my best friend’s 11 month old baby girl walk for the first time (!!!), but mostly just loafed around with the people I love most in this world. It was wonderful.



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Happy December, everyone! Let the guilt-free Christmas music-listening, holiday decorating, sequin-wearing, and shopping officially begin. Only two and a half more weeks of school and then we will be off to NY and Virginia to celebrate the holiday right. But as I’m sure is the case for many of us, I have a looooot to get done between now & then (finals, for one), so I know you’ll forgive my silence on the blog. I have the entire month of January off of school so who knows, maybe I’ll be posting more. Though I will definitely enjoy the mental rest as I have a full 17 credits ahead of me in February. Wow.

P.S. A little tip from me to you… these Oreo fudge brownies (unfortunately) taste as good as they look. Good luck resisting!!


Photo: TutorArt

happy halloween

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A couple of pumpkins I painted last night (way to wait until the last minute, eh?)

Myself on Saturday night. Costume started as a Grandma, but once a girl at the Magic Castle mistook me for an 80s romance novelist, that’s what I started telling people I was.

 One with Grandpa Julian, after his mustache fell off. You can’t really tell here, but we both had white/gray hair.

Happy Halloween to all!  We’ll be spending the rest of the day/evening watching scary movies and handing out candy to trick or treaters (so excited about that last part). See you in November!

4th of july recap

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In my experience, the 4th of July is one of those holidays that is generally better when you aren’t living in a big city thousands of miles away from your family. Because I grew up celebrating the Fourth on a remote beach on the Eastern Shore of Maryland, being a 20-something in an apartment just hasn’t proved effective for having a fantastic summer bash centered around lighting food & explosives on fire. Especially in LA, where the beaches and parks are crazy busy, you aren’t allowed to grill most places, and the fireworks shows are busy (and sometimes pretty cheesy), so unless you happen to have a friend or family member with a backyard and a pool (or you go out of town), your options for celebrating Independence Day are limited.

Mostly, I haven’t even attempted to celebrate since I moved to LA five years ago. It just doesn’t feel right to me unless we are shucking corn with dogs running around, kids with sparklers on the roof of the beach house, Dads breaking out illegal fireworks, and fireflies buzzing all around us. (J’s family also has a enormous annual bash at a local park – complete with REAL fireworks – it’s kinda his Grandpa’s thing.) This 4th of July, however, I was determined. As of 10am on the 4th of July, that is (as I mentioned before, J and I didn’t make a single plan beforehand. But I woke up determined.)  For starters, we’ve been a little busy with preparing to move, preparing for family visits, and preparing for a new dog (more on that soon). We couldn’t go out of town because of our busy-ness (though we had an invitation to go tubing in Palm Springs – would’ve been amaaaaazing), so an LA 4th of July was as good as it was gonna get. Usually,  that involves watching movies all day and driving around at dusk hoping to see some sort of a firework. But seeing as we’re about to move into a house that would remedy the no-pool-no-backyard syndrome, we decided to make it count as our last non-house, lazy LA 4th of July. Kinda bittersweet in a way, it feels like I’m becoming a ‘real adult,’ whatever that is. This was the 4th of July we wouldn’t have a cocoon to nestle into and pretend we don’t live in Los Angeles.

So we looked for plans. As luck would have it, Hall & Oates was pulling a double header 4th of July Spectacular at the Hollywood Bowl, and tickets just happened to still be available for not outrageous prices. So we bought a couple. But that didn’t start til 7:30pm, and we had the entire day to kill. And it was hot. And we don’t have AC (yet). We must have been feeling a little insane, because we decided to hop in the car and drive all the way to the luxurious Paradise Cove in Malibu (for non-LA readers, this is not a close beach – nor a cheap one.)

We had it all mapped out – 4 hours at the beach, just enough time to come home, shower, and get ready for the Hollywood Bowl. But then we got to Malibu and noticed we weren’t the only ones who made plans to go to the beach today. Whowouldathunkit? After driving up & down the PCH for longer than I would like to admit, we finally finagled our way into a parking spot at Paradise Cove – which we only paid $3 for, thanks to validation after eating a meal of questionable quality. The beach was packed of course – the worst kind of packed, too – frat boy packed. Plus, we had all the double nipple piercings, Swarovski crystal-embossed bikinis, and full back tattoos we could handle. Instead of searching for a spot to lay on the hot sand, we splurged & rented a couple chairs & an umbrella thinking it’d allow us some degree of relaxation. And it was nice – that beach is gorgeous, after all – and had it not been for the constant grunts & howling from our rowdy neighbors screaming “Party fouuuuuul!” over spilled buckets of calamari, I think it would have been quite perfect. After 2 hours of driving, 1 hour of eating, and 2 hours of reading & sleeping (& me applying layer after layer of SPF50), we decided we’d had enough holiday beach time, and headed back to civilization. It wasn’t quite the beach excursion we had in mind, but hey, we tried.

The second half of our 4th of July plans were even better. Despite horrendous traffic (partially due to the police arresting Paris Hilton’s stalker/intruder outside her Malibu house on the way home – ahhh, life in LA), we made it back & began the trek up to the Hollywood Bowl with time to spare. The show was packed, but even our cheap seats were good seats (one of the reasons the Bowl is amazing), and it was so much fun. I’ve never had a desire to see Hall & Oates live, but I can say this – I’ve had “You Make My Dreams Come True” stuck in my head ever since we left. I also finally got to hear that song that older folks sing when they meet me (imagine going through life having people sing you a mysterious song whenever you say your name… it’s kinda weird!) Additionally, both of our mothers were extremely jealous and went all squealy on us when they heard our plans (apparently Daryl Hall was quite the dreamboat in his day?)

Best of all were the fireworks, which were truly spectacular when backed up by the LA Philharmonic Orchestra… somehow they timed it all perfectly and the fireworks went off on the right beats of the Star Spangled Banner & other patriotic tunes. They were probably the best fireworks I’ve seen in my whole life and I’m not ashamed to say I teared up a little bit when they lit up the cheesy backdrop that said “America” and had a picture of an eagle, the Statue of Liberty, and some other patriotic icon that I can’t quite remember at this moment. To top off the night, we even made it home in time to watch an episode of House Hunters. We are a couple of party animals.

All in all, a perfect little last non-house Fourth of July. And I normally don’t do recap posts on here with play-by-plays of our daily life (who wants to read that anyway?) but I felt compelled to document this for some reason. It would have been easy to do the usual lazy LA 4th of July, and I’m proud of us for making some kind of effort to celebrate a holiday just the two of us. Perhaps it’s just a reminder to myself that just because you live an entire country away from your family, it doesn’t mean you can’t celebrate holidays the way you would have celebrated them back home. Sometimes you just have to put in a little effort!

Except next year. When we’ll be sitting by the pool eating grilled corn & (turkey) burgers. With a dog.

Photo: Greg Manis / me

happy candy hearts day!

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You know sometimes, Valentine’s Day is A-Ok with me. J surprised me with a beautiful dozen roses this morning and a heartfelt handwritten note (way better than a Hallmark card). He even lit candles! Hope all you lovebirds out there have a magical day! We’ve got plans to go hiking and go out to dinner at one of our fave restaurants in Westwood. Yum!

Sorry the pic is a little dim – the drapes were closed, my camera battery is dead, and my phone can only do so much with what it’s got.

happy 2011!

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I’m still technically on vacay, but I wanted to drop in for just a sec to wish you all a very HAPPY NEW YEAR!  I also wanted to share a few fun facts with you:

1. The last thing I ate in 2010 was sweet potato casserole.

2. The last thing I drank in 2010 (and first thing in 2011) was champagne.

3. The last person I talked to (besides my husband) in 2010 was my darling sister Ana.

4. I was doing a handstand when the clock struck midnight (so was Julian). This was a snap decision we made at the :30 seconds-to-go mark!

5. The first thing I did in 2011 (besides kiss my husband) was play Super Mario World for Nintendo 64 (on the Wii).

6. I am not making any New Years Resolutions… because let’s be honest – that’s way too much pressure for one girl to handle!

Add all those things up and I’d say I’m well suited for an incredible 2011, and it’s looking like it’s going to be one fabulous year. Dare I say, even better than 2010? It’ll be hard to top getting married, honeymooning, and moving into our first “real” house, but I think we can make it happen. I hope the same for you!

Thank you all for reading all year long, I’m looking forward to giving you lots more to read in 2011.

“Be always at war with your vices, at peace with your neighbors, and let each New Year find you a better man.”

- Benjamin Franklin

merry christmas!

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Well, it’s officially here! My favorite time of year. The gifts are bought, wrapped, and shipped, work is done for the year, and for the next week & change, all we’ll have to focus on is lounging, eating, sleeping, opening gifts, and other fun things like that.

the pioneer woman

I am SO looking forward to a break from the craziness that is our day-to-day life, and as much as we’ll miss not being home with our families this year, we’re super excited to celebrate our first married Christmas here in our new home, together.  Plus, we’ve got loads to keep us busy here: ice skating, book-reading, cookie-baking, kitten-shelter-volunteering, massage-getting, and a very special trip to Disneyland(!!!)  Oh yeah, we’ve also got a dentist appointment. How un-fun is that?

So in case I am in too much of a Christmas-coma to get online and post bloggies, Merry Christmas, Happy Holidays, and Happy New Year, everyone!


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I feel like me and this cat would be real BFFs if only given the chance:

Merry Christmas!

happy thanksgiving

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by fineartichoke

Happy Thanksgiving, dear readers!  Yum yum yum!  I hope your day is filled with more food than your eyes, stomach, and dining room table can handle.  I hope your turkey-coma-nap is the best of your life.  I hope you’re with family, friends, loved ones and other people who make you feel completely comfortable and giddy.  I hope nothing gets burnt.  I hope there are no awkward family moments.  I hope whatever team you are rooting for wins.

As for myself, I’ve got coffee to drink, a parade to watch, a turkey brining, and an entire meal to make for our first married Thanksgiving – something I’m extremely thankful for. Yay!