inspiration: closet walls and interiors

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I’ve never really been one for decorating the inside of my closet, but thanks to the internet and blogs that specifically highlight closet decor, I’m recognizing the potential of my own walk-in at home. This photo below has especially stuck with me – I love the soft chandelier light and the framed Jackie O poster on the wall for inspiration. The shelves aren’t that fabulous, but what a great idea it is to have photos hanging in your closet to inspire you as you get dressed each morning. If that were hanging on my wall, I’d be wearing a lot less jeans, that’s for sure.

everything fabulous

So what WOULD I be wearing? This picture makes me swoon, for starters:

flimsy pastels

P.S. Still really, really loving Pinterest, which reminded me about this photo. 2 invites left if you want em, just leave your email in the comments or shoot me a line (if you can find my email, muahaha).

More awesome closet interiors:

his & hers

hallway closet

attic closet

if i had a spare $100…

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I would definitely spend it on these adorable stacked sea anemone rings. Handcut from sterling silver and 100% organically unique (that’s the beauty of Etsy, girls and boys), these rings combine vintage charm with the cleanness of modern style. Plus, they’re only $62, so after shipping and handling, I’d still have enough dinner to buy dinner (or dessert) for the hubs and I.


And that $100 happened to become $200? This.

pelican tee to benefit gulf cleanup

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I’m loving this new tee shirt design on Threadless. The shirt, designed by Frederik Wepener and Ross Zietz, is called peliCAN and shows an image that all of us are far too familiar with by this point – an oil drenched bird. All proceeds from the tee will benefit Gulf relief and clean up efforts through If you likey, you better buy now, because it’s already selling out fast. Of course, if it does sell out, they’ll most likely make more.


Don’t you think it kinda looks like one of those Rorschach ink blot tests? Except that would make for a super lame t-shirt. This one is way cooler, and is for a good cause.

things i love thursday

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One of the ways I try to keep my spirits high and focus on the good things in my life (ahem) is by doing a roll call of things I love every Thursday. It may seem silly and a little hokey at first, but I promise, it really does make you happy! Give it a try on your own blog, or even on a piece of scrap paper, a note on your iPhone – even a mental list will do. Yeah!


Adding a second piece to my Le Creuset collection – a red grill pan. Can’t wait to use it this summer!; Sleeping in; tumblr photo blogs, my favorite place to find pretty/inspiring/cool pictures; watching the entire series of LOST – now that the show is over, we have begun streaming it from the beginning on Netflix and are currently about 2/3 the way through the 2nd season; the way I can detect the smell of French fries from yards away; tickets to see Miike Snow – one of the only artists I’d travel 45 minutes to see; Band of Horses’ new album, Infinite Arms (can you tell I am grateful for music in my life right now; pushing myself to have productive days at work, even when I really don’t feel up for it; a new pink orchid on my desk thanks to Danielle; pineapple and grilled chicken quesadillas (srsly – you have not lived); moving to a new desk at work with a WINDOW! (yes, this is what my life has become); plans to decorate said desk and make it “Sarah-fied”; Bill Murray requesting to be my friend on FourSquare; banana chocolate chip muffins; cutting my Twitter following list down to 87 (from over 200) – it’s SO nice to actually read the updates now!; booking our tickets to Nashville for Kayla and Tyler’s wedding next month, not excited about travel, can’t wait to see these two get hitched; Trader Joe’s candy (specifically choc covered sunflower and pomegranate seeds, dark chocolate caramels, mmm); ordering my first pair of TOMS (I took this as a sign that I needed them in my life); watching my 401k grow (saving is quite addicting, one of the more beneficial addictions, I’d say); getting comments from you fine folks on the blog – it really does make me so happy.

And just because I love ya, here are a couple songs to enjoy this fine Thursday:


How could this not make you happy? I for one would love to find a bear in my swimming pool. If I had a swimming pool.

i think i’m psychic!

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I think I’m psychic. Last night, I slept like a rock and had some pretty vivid and strange dreams, the last of which involved me trying on a pair of bright blue TOMS with a $70 pricetag. In my dream, Julian told me that if I liked them, I should get them, which was awesome. We were also in a roller skating rink, but that’s beside the point. What a silly dream – everyone knows TOMS are only about $30 a pair, which doubles their awesomeness (the other part being that every time you buy a pair, they give a pair to a child in need).

Screen shot 2010-06-01 at 1.55.51 PM

Fast forward to now, when I am browsing NYLON’s blog and come across a post about a collaboration between TOMS and TopShop, the popular UK retail shop. Their croqueted version of the shoe (which I’m not quite sold on) sells for $80 a pair

Weird, right? Am I psychic? I’ve never even owned a pair of TOMS shoes and now I’m dreaming about them and their high price tag, then I see a similar thing on a blog the next day? Strange, I tell you. Maybe it’s all the LOST I’ve been watching.

Also – does anyone else have that thing where you simply HAVE to tell people about “that weird dream you had?” I sure do, just ask anyone who knows me. My Mom used to get so annoyed every time I wanted to give her the mundane and intricate details of my dreams when I was young. I try to hold it in more now. Except for today.

My Half Birthday Is In 13 Days

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If you were looking to get me a gift, this would work just fine:


I would wear it in Paris on my honeymoon. Look! It even comes in sweater form. Ixnay on the eniepantsgay, though. There’s only one woman who can pull that off and her name is Dr. Pepper.

things i love thursday

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What a week it has been – I feel like I have had new life breathed into me! Maybe it’s the fact that Spring is juuuust around the corner (get here NOW), or perhaps it’s exciting new ventures that await me. Whatever it is – I have so many terrific things to share and rejoice about. First things first, my new wallpaper (new as of Friday, anyway) is truly amazing:


  • fried pickles (it’s a Southern thing)
  • BBQ lunches out with coworkers
  • wearing thrift store t-shirts with the name “David” on it
  • having Lauren back in the office (it was WAY too quiet while she was in Hawaii)
  • Real Simple magazine
  • everything from Aveda
  • this vegetarian chili recipe (seriously so good, try it)
  • the way Pepper and Scout’s fur smells – not gross, I swear.
  • having clean laundry
  • Larry David in Curb Your Enthusiasm – so awkward it makes you cry.
  • going to bed early on a Friday like an old person and waking up earlier on Saturday than I do on the average weekday
  • watching Scout jump from cardboard box to cardboard box, ready to captain the Hardwood Floor Sea


  • movie theatre popcorn
  • my 6 year old Uggs that have paint on them but that I still wear anyways
  • living next door to a television star – it’s really quite entertaining, he always has something fascinating or strange going on. He also has a fantastic pompadour.
  • when Julian willingly goes grocery shopping with me
  • laughing hysterically in the aisles with him and then grossing everyone out by kissing. What? We’re young and in love.
  • making lists of fabulous things I want to buy
  • the adorable Jeannie who mentioned me in a little blog featurette! ♥
  • doing my taxes – in less than two hours – boo yeah!
  • late night viewings of Shutter Island
  • elaborate dinners with Clay & Molly
  • early morning cuddling
  • strawberries, strawberries, strawberries
  • wedding invitations being done!!! ♥
  • opening fruit leathers like an old person (with scissors)
  • ME: “easy peasy Japanesey,” LAUREN: “it’s easy peasy lemon SQUEEZE-y.”
  • polo shirts
  • wedges
  • dreaming of Spring & Summer
  • coupons for 100 free business cards (only $11 for shipping) – used for wedding invite inserts!
  • birthday parties at Jones with $2 beer specials
  • finally getting to see the sensational Cesca after WAY too long
  • my pink CHI flat iron
  • HIM: “you rash easily” HER: “rash isn’t a verb!”
  • leg warmers
  • thinking about getting back into drawing


    and most of all…..

  • new career moves.

What are you loving right now?!

Bits & Pieces: March 2, 2010

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- Stripes and Tulle. Two very wonderful things, usually separate, together!



- Honda Wins Best All-Around Vehicle By Consumer Reports for the 4th year in a row! Subaru was also up there. l’m feeling thankful I decided to buy a Civic in 08.

- Los Angeles Swaps 21 Billboards For Art – great! We could use less billboards in this ugly, cluttered city.

- Unhappy Hipsters. Need a break from your day? Read it & laugh. Or cry.

- What’s Your Excuse for Not Saving? Great post by my girl FB about the lame justifications people make for spending frivilously instead of investing in their future. Just FYI: you do not NEED a mansion, a gardener, a luxury car, a weekly french manicure or a $500 pair of shoes. Especially if you are in debt.

- The cutest thing I’ve seen from/about ChatRoulette.

- If I had a son, I would totally help him make these little boy Valentine’s. Gummy spiders + chocolate rocks = tasty and masculine!


- I’ve been a fan of these KittyWigs for a couple years now, but I had no idea they had A BOOK! Superb.

- These Commander Skype Headphones make headphones look just a liiiittle bit less Burger King-ish.

- Not that I surf (in the water) or anything, but this is the cutest wetsuit I’ve ever seen.

- Pantone Makeup & Nail Polish – strictly conceptual designs, but how clean and fresh is this?!

- LA Tech vs SF Tech – My favorite line has to be: “However, while both crowds love to love the city of San Francisco, San Franciscans love to loathe Los Angeles, which is understandable in some regards. Traffic here is tragic, and this IS where buttock implants were invented.”

- Also relevant… Why You Should Start A Company In LA, the latest in Fast Company’s look into startup appeal in cities other than Silicon Valley.

- Six Word Memoirs by famous authors. My personal favorite is Frank McCourt (author of Angela’s Ashes, Tis, etc): “The miserable childhood leads to royalties.”

- Award-winning cookies – perfect for Oscar parties, which I am hoping to partake in this coming weekend! Check out the Best Actress selection below. Wonder if they taste as good as those women can act? Also adorable, Oscar statue cookies!



- Empty bellies do not beget genius. – Brilliant piece by the bold and beautiful Gala Darling on female body image and why you should say “screw you” to the pressure to be stick thin.

- I Want That Hoodie So Bad. I really do. It has nothing to do with the fact that my fiance designed it and that it’s modeled after his latest sketch, which you can see below.

Bits ‘n Pieces: February 24, 2010

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Ready to take a trip down Random Lane? All aboard!


-The most incredible postcard on Etsy – it’s sold out, but I want it so very badly as a poster! It is just so “me.”

- I’m mildly obsessed with the website, which features fun, easy-to-read educational illustrations and graphs about everything from the History of LEGOs to The Global Financial Crisis to 15 Things You Should Know About Breasts (hey smokers – check out #15! Saggy boobs!) Take a second to check it out and learn something!

- Gummy Worm Chromosomes – if learning about DNA was this delicious, I might have taken a more passionate interest in biology in middle school. Imagine me as a biologist. Solving medical mysteries. Mixing things in a lab. Not wearing makeup. All jokes aside, I did briefly consider a career as a veterinarian – until I realized it’s harder to get into vet school than it is to get into med school. And that my heart would break everyday watching animals suffer.


- Top 10 Books Perfect For The iPad. Haha…. this one is for Julian, who thought he was doing me a favor by suggesting I get an iPad instead of a laptop. PLEASE.

- The wedding invitation of our friends Kayla and Tyler, who are getting married just a couple months after Julian and I. It’s the sweetest and most creative wedding invite I’ve ever seen – plus I got to watch Julian and Tyler making it while they were in LA!

- Babies with laser eyes. An entire site devoted to the meme. Anatomy of a laser baby brain – cute.

- Kitchen of the Year. I’d say! That place is making me salivate, it’s so gorgeous.

- ChatRoulette is all the rage these days. Even Ashton Kutcher is on it, and one math student in Calgary took a screenshot of the convo he was having with Mr. Aplusk. I can see the appeal of the site, that randomly connects you via videochat to people around the world, but I don’t see why I would use it. It would have provided hours of fun in college, though.

- Book Cover Purses – perfect for the literary nerd like myself.


- Butch Cupcakes – this bakery in NY designs cupcakes with men in mind, because everyone deserves to enjoy a nice cupcake, but how masculine is it to eat a pink cupcake with heart sprinkles? Camo or wood-grain patterns are so much more macho.

Picture 5
Shown: The B-52

- How the new credit card laws will affect your account.

- Twitter strikes a deal to bring free SMS tweets to Haiti.

- Coffee splash Flickr pool is pretty awesome – the photos look amazing, but my OCD side is tensing up at the thought of the aftermath (can you imagine the stains?)


- Study shows cat owners are more educated than dog owners. I’m feeling a bit of justice to all women who have unfairly been called “cat ladies” now. By the way, I love dogs too. Just not as much as kitties.

- Why I’ll Never Live in a Rich Neighborhood. That Neil Patel – he’s got a good head on his little shoulders!

- Another new study about how awesome Boulder, CO is. This particular one states it is the happiest city in all the US. Apparently Boulder knows how intellectual, healthy, bicycle-friendly and clean their city is, because I found a hefty list of credentials on their website. Proud, maybe. But I’d still move there in a heartbeat.


- Speaking of awesome places to live, check out this little house on a cliff in Iceland. Talk about breathtaking!


- Austrian millionaire gives away his millions, claims they are making him “miserable.” Great story!

- Depths of the Ocean, Scaled to Human Size – this is both crazy and terrifying, especially for people like me who get the heebie jeebies about deep, dark water. What’s DOWN there?!

- New species of dinosaur discovered in a quarry in Utah.

- Oh the cuteness! Bunny ring from Fred Flare. Hop hop! Only $12 and available in silver and gold!


Lauren, who is in Hawaii this week, requested we play this loudly in our office on repeat. For the record, this is on the wall of our office:


I thought this video of two koalas bickering was super cute at first, until one of them provokes the other and it breaks out into a nasty fight. My maternal/animal-lover instinct kicked in and I wanted to scoop up the babies to protect and calm them down. Then I realized, they’re just like kids… fighting and picking on the other for no good reason.

My Little Ponies performing musicals – LIVE! MLP hold a special place in my heart, even if this is extremely strange.

Things I Love Thursday

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Ew! I almost let another Thursday slip past me without documenting my list of glorious things that I appreciate and looooove this week. All in all, I’ve had my mind and body busy with other shtuff so I haven’t been able to blog all week. Sad face. I know you’ll forgive me, because, not only is it the right thing to do but – well, you ain’t got no choice! Muah!

Things I Love Thursday


Above all else – the weather in LA lately! Think “the perfect week in Spring.” It’s so fantastic, I open my bedroom windows every morning and cherish the fact that I live in a place where you can wear tank tops in February. It could be a little warmer, but all in all, I’m stoked. It’s got me closing my eyes and trying to will Springtime to get here FASTER! Speaking of, I think I found my swimsuit for this year. Behold:

Picture 2

Some other stuff that is pretty incredible:

unexpected phone calls (a lot this week, actually); being able to spontaneously spend a night chatting and hanging out with my Step Mom who was in town on her way to Vegas for a wedding; getting super inspired; trying three new recipes this week and LOVING each and every one of them (Julian, too!); surprise love letters and boxes of Valentine’s Day chocolates; watching so many movies; real, Southern fried chicken (Honey Kettle in Culver City – I DIE); cute white puppies at work that look like stuffed animals; being inspired by Sara Janssen’s Simplify Saturday post and filling three trash bags with clothes I don’t wear, need or want; rearranging my bedroom (rearranging a room can make ANYTHING better!! Top 100 favorite things to do, easy.); finding out my brother and his fiance will be spending the weekend with me in LA (first time for him meeting Julian, eee!);

Picture 1
gayle t

making the decision to step outside my comfort zone, challenge myself and trust in my abilities; the French windows in my apartment; Bath & Body Works room sprays; getting our invitations all designed & ordered (thank you, Danny!!!); window shopping for clothes online; when work orders groceries, and Wednesday lunch; boyfriends who do the dishes for you everyday; quick pump-me-up phone calls with my girlfriends; heightened excitement and anticipation over my friend Julia’s upcoming baby; seeing Julian after his first ever professional deep tissue massage – CUTE, and hilarious; this raincoat; perfecting the art of pancake-making (wipe the pan with an oil-soaked paper towel); a garage full of firewood for fires in my fireplace (it might be warm during the day, but it’s still cold at night! This is the desert, after all!); not caring about NY Fashion Week and being totally o.k. with that; helping a homeless man buy a large coffee instead of a small (I realize how trivial this sounds, but it still made me feel good);

This oldie-but-goodie music video from Julian’s BFF and Best Man, Marc Scibilia. This man is going to be famous. This song was from the Ron Paul Presidential campaign tour, which Marc played on. Video directed of course, by Julian. And yes – all those people playing instruments are Marc!

The Internet in 1969. Might be a fake, but if not, too funny!