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Hello? Anyone still reading? I don’t blame you if not. I am so not going to apologize for not posting these past few months though, because hey – life happens, and some things are more important than blogging, yaknow?

I am staring down the last few weeks of the semester, with my eyes happily set on the summer ahead. It’s been a verrrryyyy busy semester, 17 credits worth of madness full of chemistry, animal science, and medical terminology. But I still love my classes & have even managed to keep up my grades (though I may get out with a B in at least one class). If school weren’t enough, I also managed to plan (and fly home for!) my Mom’s 50th birthday party, my sister’s bridal shower, and my sister’s bachelorette party – all super fun, memorable events that I hope everyone enjoyed as much as I did!

This summer will definitely be a welcome break, but we’ve already got a few exciting plans in the works. First of all, my sister is getting married Memorial Day weekend in VA which I’m so excited for. Then a couple weeks after finals, we are heading to Scotland to hang with my grandparents, and then spend a week in Ireland. It will be J’s first time in Scotland and both of our first time in Ireland! If anyone has any suggestions on places to go or things to see, we are all ears. We’re flying into Edinburgh, then traveling up north to Inverness for several days, and then we have a week open in Ireland until we fly out of Dublin. So exciting! We are flying back into DC to spend Fourth of July with my family and then we’re back to LA. A couple weeks after that, my little (soon-to-be-15-yrs-old-omg) sister will be joining us for a week. That brings us to the end of July and so far we have no plans for August! Who knows, maybe we’ll actually stay put and do nothing for a month? :)

Until then it is just business as usual around here, studying & enjoying the Spring weekends. Julian’s got a big birthday coming up, actually – 25! He’s pledged his birthday to charity: water and asked all his friends & family to donate to clean water projects instead of giving him a present. So far he’s already halfway to his goal!! I’m so proud of him. I love reading all the sweet comments from his fans, too.

Trying not to get too weepy over the fact that I’ll be 30 the same year my husband is 25 but hey, that’s what you get marrying a younger man. And I think 30 won’t be as bad as I think. :)

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2 Comments on “yoo hoo!”

  1. 1 Anna said at 2:01 am on May 27th, 2012:

    hey so good to see you blogging again!
    go see Edinburgh Castle, there’s this vegetarian restaurant that we go to everytime we go to Scotland called Hendersons (I’m not vegetarian at all but love it) its been there for over half a century, also make sure you walk down Princes Street and find a cool pub somewhere (theres loads)!
    have fun!

  2. 2 Carolyn said at 8:46 pm on November 20th, 2013:

    I know I am super late on this post, but I just found your blog while trying to avoid doing homework… I am also 30 and still in school working my BUTT OFF, and it is so hard to manage life and school. I am studying computer science, and while I love it, it takes all my time. I got a bachelor’s degree when I was younger, and it was easy, but I did not have half the responsibilities I have now. Blah! Anyways. If you are still in school, good luck! If not, I envy you! Can’t wait to graduate!

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