bits & pieces: august 5, 2011

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Scale of the Universe. Unbelievable interactive tool that shows just how teeny tiny we are in comparison to the entire universe. Really makes you think about how much we do & don’t know.

The snacking habits of famous writers. Funny & interesting little illustration.

Hilarious video of a cat door – and an unexpected visitor! (P.S. I don’t recommend using cat doors – or keeping cats outside in general, especially here in coyote country, or any place with busy streets/harmful predators.)

6 beloved characters with undiagnosed mental illnesses. This is brilliant… I especially love the one about Belle from Beauty and the Beast, because that is definitely my fave Disney flick of all-time. Thanks to my ‘long lost friend’ Lauren for finding this one!

CTL+ALT+DEL: The 15 Worst-Dressed Men of Silicon Valley. Priceless. And though I agree with (most) of their picks (Ben is a friend of mine and I happen to think he dresses just fine!), there is puh-lenty of untapped material should they want to do a 2nd edition. Geeks and fashion just don’t go hand in hand, unfortunately.

How to achieve ‘uncluttered’ without going bare, cold, or minimal. Love this! We follow most of these rules at our house.

Kitty Cloud hanging bed – our friend Tyler sent this to me because he thought of our cats. I thought, forget the cats – make it human size & I’d lay in that thing!

7 Bad Beauty Habits to Break – I’m guilty of a couple of these. Namely not flossing enough & biting my nails too often (a lifelong bad habit that comes & goes).

Patterns in wood - not all hardwood floors have to be uniform & boring – look at some of these pretty patterns!

Fun fact of the day: confectioner’s glaze (on pills & candy) – aka Shellac – is actually excrement from an Asian beetle. Puke!!

Study: crying won’t make you feel better. Ok, ok… but sometimes, it really does!

Patterns & prints for tech accessories. Some of these cases are so pretty, it makes me want to go iPhone again!

How to talk to little girls. Such great advice here.

What’s really in the food? The A to Z of the food industry’s most evil ingredients.

Sex & the City writer wants nothing to do with prequel. Thank goodness! I am all for more SATC, but I really don’t like the idea of new actresses playing these characters – esp when they were talking about Blake Lively as Samantha & Selena Gomez as Charlotte. Just, NO!

A little late here, but the first look at Gale & Peeta from the Hunger Games film. Oooh, getting excited about this one! I hope it lives up to my expectations. Book movies almost never do.

Photo: Andy Gilmore

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