bits & pieces: july 27, 2011

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It’s a little late in the day to be posting this, but I spent the better part of the day trying to recover from a head-splitting jaw ache (thank you, TMJ). I try not to nap often because it throws off my sleep schedule, but sometimes there is just no better cure, and might I add, thank God for earplugs? We moved in next door to a temporary construction zone because of a remodel, and thanks to the earplugs, I was able to sleep through what sounded like a circular saw cutting through wood every 7 seconds. But now I’m all better! So onto the links.

Is commercially-prepared food responsible for your child’s weight gain? Another reason to cook at home versus eating out!

The dirty secret of designer logo chasing. If you’ve ever thought about buying a fake designer bag off the street… read this!

I love these temporary tattoos!

Such a pretty bathroom renovation. I love that blue-green color.

Perception is everything… test yourself and see if you can notice what’s ‘wrong’ with this photo!

Artist livestreams purge of FB friends... and the audience gets to pick who he deletes! This is way more entertaining to me than it should be.

A couple of seriously gorgeous pairs of unique gold earrings.

Adorable couple of a photo finding out what the sex of their baby is. They had their doctor write ‘boy’ or ‘girl’ on a piece of paper, then gave it to a baker, who baked a pink or blue cake based on the sex. They had a cake-cutting party with friends & family to do the big reveal. What a cute idea!

The debt ceiling fiasco: it’s not about compromise, it’s about principle.

I so want to watch this new documentary I May Be Frank. About a 54 yr old man in terrible shape who lets a bunch of raw vegan hipsters in SF take him through a nutritional and spiritual journey to a better life. Sounds terrible right? But it’s actually got really great reviews!

Photo: Max Wanger

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