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Happy Saturday everyone. This is the first Saturday in a while that I haven’t had serious plans, and boy am I excited about it. I hope your day is plenty relaxing and fun.

It’s been too long since I’ve put one of these together. It’s more work than you think, if you aren’t online all day long, clicking & saving links. And since I’ve stopped working a 9-5, I spend less time at my computer (at least I try). I know I usually do them on Wednesdays, but, I have a few worth sharing now, so here we go.

Best door sign ever, above. Oh Salt & Pepa… reminds me of my elementary school cafeteria.

90 yr old proves it’s never too late to finish college. This is the sweetest thing. I want to hug this old man.

10 biggest money wasters according to CNN. I’d have to agree with most if not all of these… even the daily deals, which have recently become more of an annoyance than a money saver. I’ve already had two of them go unused, and that’s two too many. I’m thinking about unsubscribing from the emails and just letting the power of Twitter notify me if there is a can’t-miss deal (like the $10 for $20 Amazon deal a while back).

Travel fantasy – waterslides into the Mediterranean Sea. I actually dreamt about this the night after I saw it online. How amazing would that be???

40 iconic logos and how they’ve evolved over the years. This was actually really entertaining to look through! And just to show how powerful advertising is… I really wanted a coke when I was done. (But I didn’t drink one.)

What it’s like to not sleep at night. Lordy lordy this made me laugh… and unfortunately, most of my Mommy friends that I shared this with all replied immediately with emails about how “omg, soooo true” it is. Just another thing to look forward to in the future!

Study shows long commutes can cause divorce. One thing is for sure – long commutes do not make for a happy mood. Years ago, I used to commute 1+ hours each way to work – and it was MISERY.

The most literate cities in America are college towns. I’m proud to say that three of these cities are near my hometown (Alexandria, Arlington, and DC)! Not that the city I grew up in is particularly literate. Ha.

A baby owl on a bicycle. Um, cute. No explanation needed.

SF bouncy ball photo prints now available… I used to love this video!

An eco-friendly lint hair remover. I think I’m gonna need this! Two cats + hardwood floors = plenty of cat hair to go around.

LAUSD to remove chocolate, strawberry-flavored milk from schools. Awesome! I’m always happy to hear about healthy changes in student lunches, and we all know that stuff is just not good for you.

The joy of mistakes.

Wendy’s ‘natural’ fries aren’t so natural after all.

What to keep in a safe deposit box. Kind of boring, but super important. If you’re into safe deposit boxes, that is. I know it’s not everyone’s fave method of safe-keeping.

Old crab traps removed from Chesapeake Bay by the thousands. There are over 28,000 ‘ghost pots’ (lost traps) that continue to trap & kill crabs. Where I grew up, crabs are part of the local culture, so it’s a bit sad that the crab population is plummeting due to over harvesting, loss of habitat, and pollution. (Edit: I just had to fix my typo from “crap” to “crab.” Hahaha, hilarious. Crap traps. If only they existed.)

The coolest tiny apartment ever. Can’t remember if I’ve posted this before, so sorry if you’re seeing it twice!

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