bits & pieces: april 20, 2011

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Greetings, friends & readers. Hope everyone is having a beautiful day – it’s sunny and breezy in Los Angeles, and I’ve got some especially delectable bites to make your fine Wednesday even better!

Cute cute little DIY Polaroid magnets!

Oh … wow. As my friend Bobby said, “This animated GIF proves that Wall-E was right, we’re going to be gelatinous, blob humans.” (via typefiend and Kristin Butler)

2010 Pulitzer Prize winners announced! I’ll be adding those books to my reading list now, thank you.

What if you lived at IKEA? Haha – very cute. Very boy-in-IKEA.

Athiest Ricky Gervais – a better Christian than Christians? Worth reading. Lots of excellent points, lots to think about and reflect on.

This Facebook infographic is mind-boggling… the enormity of it truly scares me. Part of the reason I’m not on Facebook anymore!

Here’s where your tax money went. Only 1% for environmental protection & natural resources? Pathetic.

More Hunger Games casting news – ahh! This time, it’s Thresh and Rue from District 11. I approve these choices. Anyone else going nuts over knowing who will be cast as who? I’m on board with the picks for Katniss & Peeta, but I’m honestly not loving the choice for Gale.

Applebees accidentally gets a toddler drunk, serving tequila instead of juice. Horrifying!

A recipe for homemade vanilla extract. Such a money saver, and looks so easy!

Richard Branson is giving an entire island to lemurs. Glad to see someone with that kind of money doing something to preserve wildlife!

School bans packed lunches, forces students to buy from cafeteria – they claim it’s for the student’s health, but what do you think? Sounds like it might be all about the money.

Purple Pasta Primavera? Hahaha… I love my Mom.

I think I’m a ‘scanner.’

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