chop chop!

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One of the most exciting things in life is getting a haircut when you REALLY, REALLY need one. It hasn’t been that long since my last visit to the wonderful and stylish Chika, but I can tell you without hesitation that I am O-V-E-R having long hair for now and am ready to chop chop my locks.

Being a recent bride, it was kind of mandatory that I grow my hair out to give myself plenty of room to get crazy with my wedding hair.  But those days are over. I’m married. I’m busy. Scarf season is here and ponytails are getting super old. I have a LOT of hair, so when it gets to a certain length it turns into less of a “hairstyle” and more of a “lion’s mane.” It requires thinning every couple of months or I’m stuck in Updo Land until I get get myself to Chika. Even my favorite “french braid on one side” updo is looking a little stale these days. I need a change, and I need it now.

So tonight, I get my hair cut.  And I have a feeling I will walk out of the salon feeling like a new woman, with approximately 3lbs less hair.

And as far as how short I go – I’ll let this photo speak for me. It’s a couple of years old, when my Pau Gasol fandom was high and my facial hair in full bloom.

friday quote: november 12, 2010

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i agree with this biscuit.

Something to keep in mind as I spend my day traveling back East. Airports are always such a pleasant place, aren’t they? ;) Have a happy weekend everyone!

things i love thursday

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life is but a dream

Guys… I’m so sorry that  I didn’t respond to half of your comments, but the thing is I have this strange disorder on my blog where I don’t get comments via email for like weeks and then all of the sudden one morning I get all of them at once. It’s really annoying, and I’m not sure who to blame, but I promise to try and get it figured out soon, because I’m sure you’re all just as P.O.ed as I am (naturally). I’m so glad you’re here to share in my pain.

This week has gone by so fast because of all the happy things going on…. our anniversary, me leaving for Virginia tomorrow morning, baby shower planning (NOT MY BABY, BTW), our fabulous small group, settling into the new house, etc.

Here’s my weekly list of love for ya.

new music (really into The Temper Trap right now) • scarves and ponytails • getting presents from my boo • fancy six month anniversary dinners at The Little Door (their pot de creme is to die for!) • not missing a day of running in the morning so far – even when I REALLY don’t want to and actually have dreams about excuses not to go) • people who are genuinely nice and helpful and all-around pleasant to work with • desk and table wipes that smell lovely • birthdays at work (with cupcakes!) • the show Animal Cops on Animal Planet • not having a headache • Ben & Jerry’s Cherry Garcia • Neutrogena pink grapefruit face cleanser • watching makeup tutorials on YouTube • only having like one more thing to put together in our house (yay!) • finishing projects at work • when the Eat Phamish truck comes to Myspace (I could seriously eat like eleven of their lemongrass chicken banh mi sandwiches) • the way our bed magically feels bigger and softer in our new bedroom (which is quite large) • buying a gaggle of baby shower items for games and prizes (I’m flying home this weekend to celebrate my BFF Tabatha’s baby girl she’s currently got baking in the oven… so exciting!) • being able to watch the Today show before work now that we have cable • THE FOOD NETWORK • our new bathtub…… which doesn’t make me cringe when I think about actually taking a bubble bath • putting together workout/running playlists that pump me up – it’s funny how you feel like you’re about to pass out until a song comes on that totally pumps you up and makes you want to dance and gives you instaenergy! • it being Thursday and me still wearing the nail polish I put on SUNDAY (IT’S A MIRACLE!) • great phone conversations with my sister • being able to do loads of laundry whenever I want (it’s seriously the best thing ever) • making appointments to get my hair chopped off (sayonara, suckers!!! So looking forward to this) • My siblings, who are awesome.

What do you love this fine Thursday?

kitterific las vegas ad

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I don’t think I need to tell you guys my favorite part of this awesome 60-second ad for The Cosmopolitan in Las Vegas.  Thanks to Ryan for posting this.

bits & pieces: november 10, 2010

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brookelyn photography

Not one but two excellent and super cute crafty ways to “give thanks” this month.

Elderly couple playing piano together – the CUTEST thing ever

Gorgeous pale blue polish from Chanel – drooool

Time’s list of the worst infomercials ever

Fun fact about Rescue Rangers (funny)

My beginning running program, in case anyone is interested

The Billion Dollar Gram – one of the most depressing infographics ever

The writer from Steel Magnolias is writing the Pioneer Woman movie – such fab news!

These photos of Tuscany make me excited about our trip to Naples this Feb!

Apparently observing the Sabbath is cool again

Cute photo series – Downtown from Behind

AllRecipes iPad app is seriously exactly what I needed!

Keenan Cahill raps with 50 Cent on Chelsea Lately

An adorable Portland bathroom remodel

Oh gosh. This makes me want a bulldog. And Shiloh.

I plan on making this cranberry-pomegranate sauce this Thanksgiving! Yum!

OK GO’s new stop-motion video featuring images burnt onto toast!

This happy little hand dancing video (thanks Whitney!) makes me feel good.

six months

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I’m all filled with lovey-dovey butterflies and happiness today. Nothing can get me down. You know why? Six months ago this very day, I was preparing for the biggest and most beautiful day of my life so far – our wedding! Time has seriously FLOWN by and I really wish I could just press pause on our busy lives and enjoy this first year for all it’s worth, but I think we’re doing a great job so far. We’ve got a new house, exciting careers, loving families, fabulous friends, and so much to look forward to in the future. The definition of blessed, I’d say, and I couldn’t be happier.

To the love of my life - happy half-year anniversary!

P.S. I know I have a poor track record, but today IS in fact, our six month anniversary.

national unfriend day

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I deleted my Facebook months ago (for a number of reasons), but if I hadn’t, I would definitely be down to participate in National UnFriend Day, as declared by Jimmy Kimmel and William Shatner below. November 17 people! Mark your calendars! Clean house! Get rid of your frenemies. Get rid of those toxic friends. You know who I’m talking about.

latest obsession

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Yes, I know it’s Thursday and I haven’t posted a lick about what I love, but I’ve just been too busy and as Julian would say, “the day got away from me.” But I’ve got a few minutes while my chicken marinates and my laundry is in the dryer (quite a life I lead) and I thought I’d share this song that I can’t stop listening to lately. It’s a little pop-y (she is Swedish, after all), but I love it.

EDIT: Apparently this song was on Gossip Girl this week, awesome. The music folks on that show always have excellent taste.

I have to say, I was also inspired to post this because of Amy’s post about her current work out playlist, which was inspired by another post by another blogger – OMG, it’s a chain reaction!1

What are you listening to these days? Share your faves! I’ve been having a super long dry spell in the music discovery area, which is quite ironic considering I work at Myspace and thats KIND OF WHAT WE DO, RIGHT?

bits & pieces: november 3, 2010

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Wait, when did it get to be November?! Time is flying by way too fast. I’m sorry for the shortage of links, but I’m on the road to recovery and will be in full-swing in no time. ♥

A friend of mine, Kimmy, saw the above photo and said it reminded her of me. I’d say she’s spot on! Love those mini kitty guitars! (P.S. She’s currently in 2nd place to become a blogger correspondent for Sunglass Hut – throw her a vote!)

Please donate to Movember this month - an amazing movement to fund research and treatment for men’s cancer.

The prettiest cupcakes in the world

The San Diego zoo gets funky with a redesign

Cool “write-a-bikes!”

Van Gogh tilt shift

The 10 tallest roller coasters in the world…. scary! Fun!

Anthropologie goes greige – and it’s gorgeous.

Paris vs New York – cute posters

Cheap & easy chalkboard paint picture frame tutorial

Leo DiCaprio to play hotel owner serial killer in new flick – what’s with Leo playing all these psychos? Not complaining, though – love him!

Mad Men must be rubbing off because I’m totally digging these super-feminine looks!

Our friend Josh sent this to me. Love. It. Pattycake!!!!

sickly halloween

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Friends, I’m currently sick as a dog. I don’t get sick like this very often (maybe once a year), so when it does happen, I am about as whiny as they come. Take pity on my husband. But my head feels like a balloon and my poor nose is more red than usual. All I want to do is sleep but I keep waking up because of ailments. And of course I refuse to take cold medicine. I hate being sick.

The good news is that we’re all moved into our new house, and things are really coming together. I was feeling crummy throughout the whole process, so Julian was working doubletime lifting and bending and putting things together, bless his heart. It’s starting to feel like a real home, and I’m so excited.

Halloween was uneventful – we ate Chipotle (no cooking for me while I’m sick and moving in, thank you) and watched Paranormal Activity and Carrie. I drank tea and ate Zinc and Vitamin C. We had a grand total of one group of trick-or-treaters, so I’m thinking perhaps it wasn’t necessary to buy two enormous bags of individual-sized Haribo gummy bears. I don’t think Julian minds, the candy-holic. :)

Hope you all had a smashing good time, however you celebrated.

P.S. The pug picture is in honor of the matching pugs (adorable!) that I saw one of our new neighbors walking.