friday quote: october 22, 2010

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This is especially motivating for me at the moment as I face packing up and moving my entire life (including a husband and two cats) in a mere 7 days.  I can do it!

Love this quote?  Buy the print here.

things i love thursday

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source unknown

Getting the keys to our new place! This morning we did the walk thru in our new ~*townhouse*~ and I’m more excited than ever to move in. Not only is it beautiful, but it will be so incredible to have a washer & dryer inside and all to ourselves.  Everyone I’ve mentioned this to tells me it is “life changing” – once upon a time I did live in an apartment (and of course, my childhood homes) with a w/d, but it feels like it’s been forever. I think laundry might be one of the first things I do in our new place… that and spin around a million times in the gorgeous kitchen and shout up to Julian who will no doubt be enjoying his new office.  It has a great porch, too, where I plan on putting loads of flowers & plants. And, a cute, cute little dog named Dean next door that wears a little sweater! Ahh, so much excitement! I also can’t wait to hang a wreath on the front door (which is red, btw.  Cutes.)

Now comes the tough part… actually moving. We got our green boxes delivered this morning so we can officially start packing, and we’ll be finalizing our paint colors this weekend as well, too, which I’m having so much fun picking out. You’ll have to forgive me if there is a bit of silence on the blog during the next couple weeks, I have a feeling I’m going to have my hands full between moving and helping relaunch a website!  ;)

But for now…. things I love!

the spring rolls from Galanga Thai • navy blue • pretty new placemats (only $3.99 each at Target!) • peach tea, especially that of the Sweet Leaf nature • getting a box of goodies from Mom – candy and ceramic coffee mugs with silicone tops (pink for me, gray for J!) • TripAdvisor, the BEST place to find hotel reviews • when Julian has to buy props that we can actually use around the house (this time, candles! I love candles!) • hot tamales • taking the time to actually eat lunch somewhere that isn’t my desk (I’m so pathetic, I know) • chalk pens! We just painted the Myspace UX studio and Marketing department with chalkboard paint and got all these amazing chalk pen colors – they are so much fun to write with! • wearing skirts that are poofy and spin out when you twirl (like this!) • waking up to the sound of rain • those rare moments when doing the dishes is actually fun (I’m talking stress relief outlet, people) • “R U Scout or Not?” • Julia being in the same country as me again (if only for a few weeks!) and knowing that I’ll get to see her and baby Trey next month • coming up on the Myspace relaunch – so exciting! • bagels • when Julian makes breakfast for me (why are men always so great at making coffee & breakfast foods?) • getting new magazines in the mail (Glamour and Real Simple, in case you were wondering!) • finally sending out the remainder of our thank-you cards (I know, I’m terribly late but I sent most of them months ago!) • Sephora’s Friends & Family sale time! Get 20% off with promo code FF2010 – yay!

What’s making you smile today?

bits & pieces: october 20, 2010

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Happy Wednesday to you all!  I hope this post finds you all feeling happy, relaxed, and peaceful. And hey – you’ve made it halfway through the week, you can totally make it to the weekend!  Here are some luxurious links I’ve collected in my little internet basket for you this week.  Xoxo!  Sarah

What are these little flowers called?!  I love them so

NASA + Gowalla’s moon rock scavenger hunt!!

Wedding toasts made easy – cheating!!

Grammar lessons from The Oatmeal.  Learning is fun!  Now read these! (Apostrophe rules, correct ie usage, 10 words to stop misspelling, semicolon usage)

To me, this is the perfect porch.  All that’s missing is a porch swing.

A New York Times opinion piece in defense of cats, finally! Cat people are people, too!

The feline is an ideal lifestyle match for the urban dweller. Cats are compact and quiet. You can leave them be for a night or two and they have a natural skill set which prevents them from urinating on the floor. As if all this weren’t enough, their mere presence deters rodents. Yet we opt to praise dog-owners, giving credence to the unnatural existence of a dog in a yardless landscape via leash laws and doggie daycare. Who amongst us hasn’t seen a Great Dane trotting across Broadway and said: Where on Earth is that thing going home to? Like many of New York’s mass suburbanization efforts, such creatures are better in theory than in practice. See also: swimming pools in dumpsters.

Not really sure how I feel about Michelle Williams as Miss Monroe

But so in love with the turquoise chairs at the Soho House Berlin.

Another amazing hotel, with loads of black glossiness (a love of mine!)

10 reasons you should adopt a rescue animal

I’m ready to go back to Paris now...

But I’ll settle for pizza in Napoli! (warning: this photo will make you hungry)

Recently I’ve been really adoring this sweet home decor blog

These turquoise corduroy Tom’s would be perfect for fall right now

A local California contest for the best beard – amazing! And I don’t even like beards. The best part is the name – “Whiskerino.”  Ha…

Hooter’s waitress thought she won a Toyota, actually won “toy Yoda.” Too many possible jokes here.

Want a first look at the #newmyspace?  First 10,000 to click get an early look.

honeymoon in paris (photos)

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It’s been nearly six months since Julian and I got married, but we are somehow just now finding the time to sort through and upload photos from our honeymoon in Paris and Berlin. Mostly Paris, though, since most of the photos in Berlin are of the animals in the zoo.  Yes, I made him go to the zoo on his honeymoon.  Evil, I know.

I’ve uploaded many of them to Flickr, if you’d like to have a look, but here are a few of my favorites!

united bamboo cat calender 2011

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United Bamboo might just be my favorite clothing label of all-time.  This is a pretty outstanding declaration considering I’ve never really even seen a piece of their clothing, let alone worn one.  My love affair with UB is based solely upon the fact that each year they create miniature versions of their clothes, put them on a bunch of adorable cats, take professional grade photographs, and publish them a fashion cat calendar. 

Last year I didn’t get my hands on one of these wonderful works of art but this year – this year that’s changing.  One look at these behind-the-scenes shots of the photoshoot and I was SOLD!  I mean, how can you not love this?  Precious wrapped up in precious. Too bad I can’t find them online anywhere.  Boooooo hooo!

via style

P.S. One word about how I posted two cat posts in two days and you’re forever banned from my blog.

P.P.S. Just kidding you can come back!  I love you!

Update! The 2011 calendar is now available for pre-order. $50 is a lot for a calendar, but I think this is one I’m willing to splurge on.  Just ordered mine!

glam halloween

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With all that’s busy in my world right now, coming up with Halloween costumes has kind of passed me by the wayside… but one thing, I know.  This year, I need to do something super glam and girly, since the past two years my costumes have been MALE (a nerd and a magician)!  I’ve never been a big fan of out-of-the-box costumes, I prefer to make my own to give it a element of individuality.  A glam kitty cat (or bunny, like Elena Perminova below), would be super fun and easy by throwing on some fab makeup, a faux-fur cape, and gold glittery dress.  What’s your costume this year?

jak & jill

friday quote: october 15, 2010

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“There is only one way to happiness and that is to cease worrying about things which are beyond the power of our will.”

- Epictetus (55 – 135, Greek, philosopher)

I found this quote while watching a YouTube video featuring quotes from Dale Carnegie (and others) regarding how silly worry and anxiety are. Carnegie is the author of classic self-help books like How to Win Friends and Influence People and How to Stop Worrying and Start Living, which I’m currently reading.

Why am I reading some cheesy self-help book? You see, I’m admittedly an anxiety-addict, one of those people with the rare talent to worry myself into an unhealthy state of fear. Over the past few years, I’ve become more and more aware of my tendencies toward this behavior and have since been trying to find solutions that will help ease my nerves and allow me to let go of past mistakes and worries about the future. I’ve heard great things about Carnegie and his books, though this is my first time reading any of them. I figure if Warren Buffett is a fan, it’s worth giving it a shot. Who knows, I might just learn something that will change my life!

If you’ve read one of Carnegie’s books, give me your opinion. If you are a self-help junkie, feel free to shout it out in the comments. Or, share your non-medicinal remedies for worry and anxiety.

things i love thursday

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my kind of autumn

Our new house! We just signed a lease on a new place this week and we’re so, so excited.  It’s going to be tough leaving our current fabulous apartment and amazing neighbors, but the new place is going to be perfect for us, with lots of extra space for husband to work from home, and bonus – it’s two stories!  And has a washer & dryer, quite a hot commodity here in LA!  Plus it’s in a fantastic neighborhood within walking distance to loads of great restaurants and shops.  Now comes the tough part… packing, and moving.  Fortunately I found this great eco-friendly moving box company so we won’t have to deal with wasteful cardboard!  I am having the best time dreaming up design schemes and thinking about how beautiful our new luscious black glossy stairs are going to look with Christmas lights all strung up on the railing.  And I can’t WAIT to have our first married holidays together in the new place!  Plus, we have a RED front door, how awesome is that?

You! This morning, out of nowhere, I all of the sudden received a bunch of blog comments via email that I had missed from the last few weeks. That made me so happy, when I was gone for a week and heard no noise I kinda just assumed that no one cared.  Hah!  Aww, it’s good to know you are missed, isn’t it?  I’ll try not to do that again, but I no promises!  Life is unexpected, you know!

Other little things that warm my heart:

ordering the cutest baby shower invites EVER from Oodles of Color (for a friend of mine!) • Tuesday night movie date nights (and running into friends in the SAME movie!) • when my husband drives me to work • waking up at 6am and having it not suck • taking showers when it’s still dark outside • driving two ADOOORABLE orange kittens to the vet for KR (if you are in the market – they are the sweetest little boy kittens ever) • the Sour Patch Kids ads “they’re sour, and then they’re sweet” • starting a new audiobook (yes, I’m that kind of a dork) • wearing dresses instead of jeans • having my first pumpkin spice latte of the season… even if it is 80 degrees outside, yuck!  What happened to fall?! • drooling over 50s & 60s fashion in the movie Capote • having a superstar soccer player as a younger brother – he won his championship game this weekend, came in first place with 2 of the 4 goals that were scored.  I’m so proud of him, he’s going to be pro one day I just know it! • watching my girls hunt leaves on the balcony • when my friends email me photo albums from Facebook because they know I deleted mine, hah! • drinking warm lemon water first thing in the morning – it really is amazing • baked treats from coworkers •  old cookbooks – my Grandma Dawn just sent me a vintage copy of Betty Crocker’s 60s cookbook and I am having the best time pouring over the recipes! • the feeling you get the few seconds after you get out of a really bad traffic jam… FREEDOM!!! •

Alright, speaking of Freedom, now it’s time for you to unleash all the things that are worth praising in your life lately.  Hop to it! And Happy Thursday!

monsters are real

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Just want to take a moment to share my talented husband’s latest piece of cinematic work, Monsters Are Real. I adore the little cameo by our very special, amazing, adorable, and dance-party-loving nephew, Ezra.  :)

bits & pieces: october 13, 2010

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Collected from the far corners of the internet, I’ve got some especially delicious little pieces of fun for you today!


How God’s love is like cuddling a raccoon

The Chilean mine rescue is blowing my mind…

The epitome of autumn loveliness…. and oh my goodness this house.

Multinational food processors and the organic brands they own. (PDF) Thanks, Chris!

DIY farmer’s market flowers for all you brides-to-be.

Gorgeous black glossiness in a fabulous boutique.

I love love LOOOOVE these pillows!  How beautiful is the burlap chandelier set below? Visit Jolie Marche’s store.

Helvetica cross-stitch kits. Mixing old school with new school.

Jamie Oliver does a killer mac ‘n cheese.

I just bought these adorable patterned gift tags on Etsy for a baby shower, how cute are they?

Wherever this is, I want to go.  With a safety harness, of course.

I can’t wait to try my hand at this skillet cornbread.  Thanksgiving, maybe?

Photobooth Dogs is the ultimate coffee table book.  Next up, cats…. please?

I want to hang this state fruit print up in my kitchen.  Too bad there is nothing good for Virginia!

I thought the Google homage to John Lennon on what would have been his 70th birthday (this past Saturday) was totally cute: