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Happy Wednesday to you all!  I hope this post finds you all feeling happy, relaxed, and peaceful. And hey – you’ve made it halfway through the week, you can totally make it to the weekend!  Here are some luxurious links I’ve collected in my little internet basket for you this week.  Xoxo!  Sarah

What are these little flowers called?!  I love them so

NASA + Gowalla’s moon rock scavenger hunt!!

Wedding toasts made easy – cheating!!

Grammar lessons from The Oatmeal.  Learning is fun!  Now read these! (Apostrophe rules, correct ie usage, 10 words to stop misspelling, semicolon usage)

To me, this is the perfect porch.  All that’s missing is a porch swing.

A New York Times opinion piece in defense of cats, finally! Cat people are people, too!

The feline is an ideal lifestyle match for the urban dweller. Cats are compact and quiet. You can leave them be for a night or two and they have a natural skill set which prevents them from urinating on the floor. As if all this weren’t enough, their mere presence deters rodents. Yet we opt to praise dog-owners, giving credence to the unnatural existence of a dog in a yardless landscape via leash laws and doggie daycare. Who amongst us hasn’t seen a Great Dane trotting across Broadway and said: Where on Earth is that thing going home to? Like many of New York’s mass suburbanization efforts, such creatures are better in theory than in practice. See also: swimming pools in dumpsters.

Not really sure how I feel about Michelle Williams as Miss Monroe

But so in love with the turquoise chairs at the Soho House Berlin.

Another amazing hotel, with loads of black glossiness (a love of mine!)

10 reasons you should adopt a rescue animal

I’m ready to go back to Paris now...

But I’ll settle for pizza in Napoli! (warning: this photo will make you hungry)

Recently I’ve been really adoring this sweet home decor blog

These turquoise corduroy Tom’s would be perfect for fall right now

A local California contest for the best beard – amazing! And I don’t even like beards. The best part is the name – “Whiskerino.”  Ha…

Hooter’s waitress thought she won a Toyota, actually won “toy Yoda.” Too many possible jokes here.

Want a first look at the #newmyspace?  First 10,000 to click get an early look.

2 Comments on “bits & pieces: october 20, 2010”

  1. 1 Julia Dittberner said at 10:16 am on October 21st, 2010:

    Sarah, those are strawflowers! They are amazing and cut, last forever because they look dried to begin with– so great if you don’t have the greenest of thumbs… :) You probably can find them at the flower mart downtown.

  2. 2 Sarah said at 10:46 am on October 21st, 2010:

    Thank you Julia!! I can always count on you to give me the lowdown on what’s up in downtown LA. ;) And definitely good to hear about their long cut life…. I tend to put flowers in vases and let them sit there dead for a couple weeks until I remember to buy new ones. ;)

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