bits & pieces: june 30, 2010

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In the name of avoiding consecutive blog posts series containing dates in the title, I’m officially moving Bits & Pieces to Wednesday instead of Saturday. What’s that? You didn’t even notice they are always posted on Saturday? Well ok then. I love you too, and hope you enjoy these super cool tidbits I’ve collected the past few days.

The perfect spot for a summer sunset?

whoever said extraordinary things didn’t come in small pages is dead wrong.

these pudding cups look like they will rock my world! MUST try.

more incredible photos of paris in the summer

marie antoinette’s le petit hameau

subway’s dirty little secret

a treasure trolls movie is on the way – kinda weird, kinda nostalgic

Little Fockers trailer, a little overdone but I still want to see it!

this open letter to men by Christina Hendricks (of Mad Men) is really making it’s rounds. I spotted it on Gala Darling’s blog first, then on Sarah Wilsons. Perhaps it is because it’s so very true?

nutella doughnuts!

colorful and captivating portrait illustrations by Clémentine’s Dérodit

Valentino Resort 2011…. sigh – that first dress is incredible.

A collection of random song covers

i’m not big on dress shorts, but these are tickling my fancy. maybe with these dressy flops?

a couple cool, modern looking wordpress themes for photographers one two

the most beautiful childrens clothes evar. no kiddos for us newlyweds anytime soon, but that won’t stop me from oogling!

vintage bunson burner vases

my future plans now include having a lake house.

attn black thumbs – gardening made easy!

beautiful moonstone ring

sunny yellow rug

japanese tape + lace packaging

butternut squash risotto, yes yes yes, making this tonight! out of season and everything!

diy shiny black candlesticks

tomboy style

andy warhol

ride it piggie

pink parisian map

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