We Don’t Watch Football, But We DO Eat Nachos

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I don’t have cable anymore, so I couldn’t watch the Super Bowl even if I wanted to. I am, however, loving Hulu’s voting system for the commercials, which everyone knows is the best part of the event. Besides the food. And just because we aren’t watching the Saints vs the Colts, doesn’t mean we can’t enjoy NACHOS.



These photos were pre-bake, so now they’re even more gooey and crunchy. Mmm! Adapted recipe from this (no onions, add olives, add black beans, add jalapeno).

Alright, back to Glee. We’re on a weekend-long marathon of the first season. Happy Super Bowl, everyone! I hope your team wins. I’m not sure why, but I’m rooting for the Saints, maybe because New Orleans could use some good luck and everyone knows the Colts are good. And maybe I just want Kim Kardashian to get her engagement ring.

How Do You Like My Makeover?

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Last night, I made a spur of the moment decision to switch this blog’s layout. Even though I adored the images that I had on the banners and sidebar, it felt way too cluttered. So I scaled back. Way back. This way, you can focus on what’s really important: my riveting, entertaining, seam-splitting and soul-shaking content.

This is much easier to navigate, anyways. It’s so clean. So fresh. It’s like my blog just took a really hot shower – a good shower, the kind you take before a hot date, where you deep condition your hair, exfoliate and shave your legs ALL the way. All wrapped up in a pretty pink bow.

I have really been meaning to do this for a while now, ever since Julian made me a cute new logo – which I didn’t even end up using, by the way. The original logo looked like this:


Kind of Love Actually-esque, no? The new one (also by Julian), as you can see, is more like this:


Which logo do you like better? Not like your answers are going to convince me to change my mind, but I figured it’s always polite to ask.

And of course, I want to know what you think of the overall change, so answer me this:

What do you think of my new, more simplistic layout?

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Knowing me, I’ll probably keep tweaking it. I get it from my Mom, who redecorates her house approximately six times a year.

things i love thursday

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Okay, so this isn’t going to be the most full-of-life post I’ve ever written, because for the past four days I have felt like I could puke at any moment. Now that you’re completely grossed out, let me just assure you that I am absolutely 100% not pregnant, which seems to be everyone’s opinion when you say you feel nauseous. However, I haven’t felt much like spending time writing (outside of work- and volunteer-related duties), so please forgive me if this isn’t as flavorful or colorful as my posts usually are. Sometime soon, though, I do have to paint you all a hilarious picture of my night last night – it was super crazy and full of coincidences. Like, out of this world. Alright, on with the show!

Things I Love Thursday

- These bear cubs holding hands. I found this on FB’s blog, but it originally came from Cute Overload. It reminds me of how Scout & Pepper look like bear cubs when they stand up on their hind legs and put their paws on the wall or bathtub.


- Finding out one of my BFFs and bridesmaids (Julia) will not be leaving for Italy (Navy husband) until AFTER my wedding!

- This quote, and all of Van Gogh’s love quotes. The man was a lovesick fool, but you have to admire his way with words. And a paintbrush, I guess.

“I feel that there is nothing more truly artistic than to love people.”
-Vincent Van Gogh

- Cute tweets like this

- Surrendering myself to the stress of wedding planning and going to get a real, honest to goodness massage at a massage parlor (is that what you call them? Sounds kind of weird saying “parlor” for some reason, what is this, 1924?). I don’t know WHY I don’t go more often! Oh right, the cost. Well, it was worth it. I’ll say that much.

- Substituting meals with snacks all day – and hello, why did I ever stop eating grapefruit? It is nature’s candy!! I love grapefruit so much! No sugar, pls.

- Minimizing my social networking circle on Facebook – which I wrote about more in length about here.

- This sweet shower display that I found on WeddingBee:


- Spending an entire week with our good friend Tyler who was in town from Nashville filming with Julian – would have been even better if his lovely love fiance Kayla was here with him!

- Being old and going to bed before midnight on a Friday, and waking up before 9am on a Saturday.

- FINALLY booking a wedding venue (HALLELUJAH!), having a very productive meeting with our wonderful wedding planner (Nashville brides or brides-to-be – you must use Austin Floyd, the woman is a God send), getting one step closer to finalizing details like dress, food, cake, guestlist and invitations.

- Oscar the Grouch – he is just awesome. Sure he’s full of nasty comments, but you can’t help but love him. Especially his ratty hair and the fact that he lives in a trashcan. I think I remind myself of him in the mornings.


- Finding an ancient folder of pictures from when Scout was only about 4 months old. She’s about half the size she is now and looks anorexic! She is such a cute baby.


- Comments from readers! Cannot tell you how much I love these. This is in no way a plea for comments. But I really enjoy reading valuable feedback on something I wrote from people I know and don’t know. It’s really awesome.

- Groupon. Especially the little cat with a gold blingin’ “GROUPON” chain that gives tips for how to get the most from your deals. If you aren’t using Groupon yet, you must must must sign up. Everyday they send you a wildly good deal, straight to your inbox, but the trick is, you won’t get the deal unless enough people commit to buying it and “tip” the scale.

Picture 5

- I’m not one to publicly talk about underwear or lingerie, but I have to say, everything at eberjey is adorable.

- Finally watching Glee – I’m hooked, and I’m only two episodes in!

Also, I’d just like everyone reading this to know that right now I’m currently listening to my fiance outside screaming “Where you goooing? Bye byyyyyyyye!” like a mentally handicapped person. It’s for a sketch, but I’m sure all my neighbors are thinking he’s lost it and are praying we decide to move out of the neighborhood when we get married. Which we aren’t.

our wedding website should win an award.

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Update: For privacy reasons, Julian and I have made our personal site password protected and thus viewable only to our family and close friends. I’ve received a high number of requests for the password, and though I really appreciate your interest, we have to politely decline and keep this area of our life just to ourselves and out of the ‘public’ eye. Thank you for understanding!

Each week that goes by that I’m planning my wedding, I take on a new and exciting task that becomes my new favorite. First, it was registering. Then, it was picking a venue. Then, it was designing my wedding dress with my Mom (who is making it by hand, a replica of my favorite multi-thousand-dollar work of art), and now, it’s putting together our wedding website. Still in its humble beginning stages, we have a long way to go, but I’m prouder than a mother on her child’s first day of school. I feel like by the time all is said and done, we should win some kind of award. They give out awards for “Wedding Website of the Year,” don’t they?

Picture 6

I made sure to put a little something special in each and every section to make it feel a bit more like our guests are actually talking to us versus looking at a Lisa Frank-esque site with not much more than a date, a bad headshot, and list of registry stores – “here, now buy us something.” I had a LOT of fun customizing each section to tell a special story or include a bit of information about who Julian and I are as a couple and as individuals.

Picture 9

So now it’s ready to be unveiled, though it will still be tweaked in the coming days and weeks, especially as we add more content and finalize wedding details.

Picture 7


The Ultimate Anniversary Fail

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No, it doesn’t include a forgotten anniversary, though both Julian and I have been guilty of this one on more than one occasion. My ultimate anniversary fail is a little more idiotic than that.

“Six months of happiness,” or so the Facebook photo caption says.

So I’m sitting here, penciling in a double dinner date with our friends Tracy and Matt for next week when I realize it might be a good time to start writing in our “monthiversaries.” You know, “happy seven months!” and what not. Yeah, we haven’t even been together a year yet. We did have a quite memorable six month anniversary back in November, complete with an overpriced dinner at a trendy LA restaurant, 3D movie at the theatre we went to on one of our first dates, flowers that cost more than a month’s groceries and a bottle of the perfume that reminds Julian of the first time he met me. So cute.


I was using that special date as a marker and started filling in the “eight month anniversary,” “nine month anniversary,” etc. on the 13th of every subsequent month. Until I got to 12 months. A full month (or two) ahead of our year anniversary, June 13, 2010. Had I missed a month? Flipped through my planner wrong? Everything seemed to check out.

Until I went back a little further, and realized that Julian and I had our big, fancy, expensive, romantic six month anniversary celebration on our five month anniversary.

What a couple of dorks. Who forgets how long they’ve been together not even five full months into a relationship? Granted, I do feel like I have known Julian my whole life and can’t believe it’s only been seven and a half months since we started officially dating (that is an accurate number, I triple-checked), but aren’t girls supposed to be somewhat obsessive over anniversaries and dates of this nature? Even in past relationships, I’ve always known exactly how long it has been. Why now? I guess I’m so head-over-heels that I can’t even tell time. Looks like I picked the right guy!